Thursday, 21 August 2014

Bow Habitat + Fish Hatchery

Right after August Long Weekend, we met up with Grandma Jen at the Bow Habitat and Fish Hatchery.  We had never been before and the girls were so excited.
This is where they breed Rainbow Trout and once they are big enough they are released into the ponds and Bow River.  Really cool program.  If you are there at the right time you can go on the tour and go right into this but we missed the tour.
This was really cool.  They had car racing and bowling.  I want this installed in our house hahahaha
Learning all about the insides of the fish.  The girls love
The coolest fish in the whole place
Outside of the station there is a huge pond that is stocked with the Rainbow Trout.  You can only use a fishing rod with no bait and no hook.  We were not seasoned fishers by any means so we just watched them swim on by.  The girls loved looking for the fish and finding the baby ones.  Finley was very good at it.
We moved on to the pond that was just behind the hatchery where you could use your nets.  We still had no luck as the fish were smart and stayed in the middle of the pond far from our net.
Getting a little frustrated at our lack of fish getting, we went to the park to blow off steam and wait for Rick to arrive to help us out. 
And did he ever help us out!!  He caught so many fish!!  The girls were so excited by this!!!
Inspecting their haul.  We figured we had enough for 2 each at supper.  Just Kidding. These fish are way too small to keep!!  The girls got to hold some of the fish and throw a few back in the water.
The girls and Grandma Jen dumping out the fish back into the water.  Hopefully no harm was done to them!!
Making Grandma Jen’s sidewalk pretty with their chalk creations before supper
This photo perfectly sums up our day with Grandma Jen.  The sun was shining, the weather was perfect, and so much fun was had.  I love all the goofiness in this photo.  This was taken at Nellie Breen Park in Inglewood which is my favourite playground in the whole world.  I have yet to see one that is better in any capacity.  They even have adirondack chairs with feet benches.  Its marvellous!

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