Monday, 1 April 2013

Bridlewood Wetlands

last week, the girls and I decided to walk down to Bridlewood Wetlands.  I never knew this area had an actual name and was a designated City of Calgary park.  
Seriously what is she doing???
We finally made it to the entrance.  
There was still snow leading up to the area.  I clearly chose the wrong shoes!
There are two parts to the Wetlands – this part I had never been to before
Lots of birds on the ice
Penelope wanted to go touch the birds.  I strongly advised that she didn’t
Dancing for the birds
We then walked down the road to the part of the Wetlands that we had been before.  This rock is a remnant of the Edith Cavell Glacier in Jasper.  Crazy eh??
The walk took us nearly 90 minutes which is about right at toddler and pregnant lady pace.  I was so tired when we got home that I let the girls watch TV so I could get in a catnap in.  I thought the girls would fall asleep but nope they didn’t!!

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