Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Calaway Park

On Friday, we all headed down to Calaway Park.  With exception of myself and Greg, it was a first time for everybody else and boy were they excited.  Ok Penelope not so much but the others were!!  We live so far away from Calaway Park that we don’t get out here as often as we would like
Our first ride was the Log Ride.  Not sure what the real name of this ride is but it has been known as the Log Ride since I was a wee little kid.  Greg, Finley + Madi went down first and the next 2 collages are pictures from their turn:
Thanks to the Parent Swap program, Tanner and I were able to go on the log right after the others got off.  Here are some photos that Greg took:
Next was the rollercoaster.  Tanner refused to go on this ride.  We even tried bribing him with money but it was a no go.  Madi + I went on first and then we swapt out with Greg.  It was so much fun and Madi didn’t even find it scary!
After the rollercoaster, we went and had some lunch.  I wish I was as organized as a lot of parents there and packed our lunch but I wasn’t.  So we had hot dogs + chicken tenders.  But I did bring water, strawberries, fruit snacks and yogurt so we did get some healthy nutrition in there.
After lunch, Greg, Madi + Tanner headed to line up for Dodgem which is big kids bumper cars.  While we waited, Finley played in the water and Penelope hung out in her stroller. Here are some photos of us waiting for the others:
And here are some photos of Greg, Madi + Tanner when they finally got on the ride:
After this ride, Greg took Finley + Tanner to the little kids rollercoaster while Madi + I went on some ride by the big kids rollercoaster.  Not sure what it was called but it was fun.  Finley went on later so I will post pics then.  Here are some photos Greg took of Finley on her rollercoaster:
While Madi + I tried to find Greg and the kids after going on different rides, we went on this saucer like ride.  It was up  high and windy and made my ears ache.  Madi loved it.  I am getting old.  Once we found the others, Madi + I went on Chaos and I was done for rides after that.  Yes, definitely getting old!
Next we headed to 2 other rides. One for Finley, Greg + Madi and one for Tanner.
Here are photos of Tanner:
Here is the others on their ride:
After this, we headed to the Bumper Boats as that was Tanner’s ride he had to ride.  The line up took 45 minutes and then they got on the boats.  Tanner had so much fun so it was very much worth it.  Greg + Madi also enjoyed themselves.  But it was a LONG wait for us!!
After this, Greg + the kids wanted mini melts so we stopped to have some of those.  I think they are gross but they all enjoyed them but did Greg did say that dippin dots were better.  After this, Greg + Madi went on the big swing:
Next, Tanner went on some cloud ride and the others went on some other ride.  Here is Tanner on the clouds:
And the others on their ride:
More rides:
Tanner was so proud of himself for going on this ride.  I was too.  It may not seem like a big deal to most, but it was to him.  Good job Tanner!
More pics of Penelope hanging out in her stroller throughout the day
Last ride:
It was a super fun day at Calaway and we all enjoyed it.  I was so tired by the end that I was really happy to go home.  We can’t wait to go back!!

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