Saturday, 1 September 2012

Calgary Corn Maze

The day after we got back from our Sask trip, we decided to do something fun and head out to the Calgary Corn Maze.  If you have not been, you should check it out!!  It is pretty awesome!!!
The kids’ first time at mini golf

Finley takes a swing

Penelope’s turn!!  We actually only did one hole.  Penelope didn’t quite get it and Finley cheated.  Maybe next year!!

Greg and the girls

Sliding down the big slide attached to a hill

Penelope’s turn

The horse taking a pee.  The girls got a kick out of this

Brushing the animals

Chasing the chickens.  They did not like the girls at all!!

Holding the baby kitty

Finally in the corn maze

So. Much. Corn.

Playing in the playground

down another slide

As you can see, the Corn Maze is full of things to do – not just the corn maze – which by the way, I don’t like because I hate not knowing!!
Go check it out now!!

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