Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Camping in Radium

On September long weekend, we headed out for the final camping trip of the season.  We were headed to Radium where we would be hanging out with the Callaghan family for the weekend.  We all met up at Moraine Lake where we were going to hike up to Constellation Lakes.
This Lamborghini showed up right before we started.  The dude driving was a total doucebag with frosted hair and big gold hoops and a tight fitted hobo shirt.  I am not lying.  He and his girlfriend, who was wearing stilettos, got out and each posed in front of their car with the doors opened and Lake Moraine in the background.  It was pretty funny!!!
Starting on our hike – I was a bit worried considering my ankle injury
Family getting ready to hike
The clouds were pretty cool
This is snow – thankfully it didn’t last long or follow us to our campsite!!
Madi with her new Katy Perry hair
Tanner, Jimmy and Dekker with Constellation Lakes in the background
Moraine Lake
After the hike, we headed to Radium where we camped at the Redstreak Campground. This was the first time we had been here since 2005.
The girls helping Greg putting up the tent
Keeping warm
Making a cherry bush pie
Love this photo of Penelope
Making roughrider pancakes for breakfast.  
Another good one of Penelope
Our first hike of the day was supposed to be Dog Lake.  We got there but it the bridge was washed out.  Madi and I were kinda glad because it was kinda place that was probably used for a settings in horror movies.  Like you  were never coming back.  There was even a creepy blue van in the parking lot.  We went back into Radium and hiked the Juniper trail.
Taken at Sinclair Falls
Sinclair Falls from up top
After hiking Juniper Trail we headed back to the campsite to have lunch before we headed to the hot springs for the afternoon.  No pictures from that as I was not taking in my iphone or our other camera so just imagine us sitting in the hot springs with a nice mountain background relaxing.  It was pretty awesome and not too busy.
Penelope eating Madi’s ice cream…
Finley’s ice cream…
and my ice cream that I gave to Greg to finish.  This girl clearly loves her ice cream
Silly girls
Playing Skip Bo
Finley brought these to me and wished me a happy birthday….so sweet :)
My own birthday bush pie!!!  Thanks Nancy for making this for me!!!  It was delicious!
Tanner totally looking like Shy Ronnie from Ronnie + Clyde (an SNL digital short).  It was pretty awesome
Jimmy drinking is tall boy in front of the final fire of the summer
Pack up day….Nancy hiding from the camera while making us breakfast
Finley was sad to say goodbye to her cousins
Madison hiding her face from the camera because she had a pink stain on her face from drooling during the night and the colour came out of her hair.  It was pretty funny.
We all packed up and the Callaghans went back to Red Deer where my Aunty and Uncle were waiting for them and we headed to Marble Canyon for a short hike before heading back to Calgary.  It was a fantastic hike that I highly recommend and it is great for little kids!  Below are some photos of some beautiful sites at Marble Canyon
Marble Canyon Trail
Trailhead: Marble Canyon parking lot, 89 km north of Radium Hot Springs.
Length: 0.8 km one-way. Minor elevation gain. One set of stairs. Trail criss-crosses the narrow canyon over footbridges.
Story: The erosion of a 40 m deep gorge by the pounding waters of Tokumm Creek. The canyon walls are limestone and dolomite; some is white, resembling marble.
It was a really good weekend of final camping.  We had tons of fun and we can’t wait to head out next year.  I already have a few places in mind that we would like to check out!!!

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