Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Canada Day Camping

Early Friday morning, we all embarked on our annual Canada Day Long Weekend Camping Trip.  This year our guests were Tanner and Grandma Gail and Uncle Brad also joined us for the last night.
Before we left our place, I jokingly asked which one would I feed to the bears first (Grandma Gail excluded).  The correct answer is that they are all too loud for bears to even approach us!!

Greg setting up the tent

As  usual, Finley trying to help

Watching Greg install our new “garage”.  It’s a new addition that REI started selling for our tent.  It’s basically like a porch.  It makes our tent even more massive but we really like it!!

Setting up Tanner’s tent.  He slept ALL by himself!!!
We hit up Tunnel Mountain for our first hike of the weekend.  Tanner was super excited.

Greg and the girls heading off

The youngsters leading the way

A pretty nice view

Tanner clearly enjoying himself


Tanner on top of Tunnel Mountain – 5,543 FT

On our way down, Tanner and I ran into Gail, Greg and the girls as they were continuing on their way up.
Back at the campsite, Penelope discovers the bag of my little ponies.  They both are obsessed right now.

Making supper!

Chopping wood

Finley also playing with my little ponies. Check out her “bunnyhug” – I got it for $1 – what a steal!!  I love it!!

Playing UNO

Finley loves UNO as does Tanner.  I don’t like it all, I don’t see the point of it.

She finally fits a lawn chair!!  She gets Finley’s old one.

Finley in her new camping chair.  It’s a glow in the dark coleman chair.  She loves it!

Roasting marshmallows

Blueberry Bush Pies

Our fire ranger!!
First day camping was quite the success!!!!

Day 2 of our trip was pretty great too. We learned the night before to put the girls to bed at different times even if Finley asks to go to bed with her sister.  What a disaster.  I finally had to go in to the tent to keep them apart so they could fall asleep!!
Slept in until 830 – I don’t remember the last time she did that (and she did it again on July 4th – CRAZY)

Going to check on Grandma Gail and Tanner

An early morning game of Hide and Seek before breakfast

Pancakes and Sausage
Our first stop of the day – Lake Louise!

I love how Tanner poses for the camera – such a skid :)

Trying to feel how cold it is

A very excited Finley

Watching Tanner touch the water

Tanner getting educated ;)

Quite possibly the funniest photo of the weekend – such goofballs

Stopping to smell the flowers….
Lunch at Castle Mountain Junction – we’re a regular here it seems!!

Tanner and Penelope
At Silverton Falls.  Tanner forgot a bunnyhug and jacket at the campsite so he had to wear my jacket.  His mom has the same one :)  It was pretty funny

On our way to the falls

The hike was pretty rough and adventurous

Tanner and I had to climb this rock to get to the other side.  Greg walked through the water and Gail turned around.

Climbing over another log

Finally we get to the falls.  Tanner was not impressed after being to Athabasca Falls last summer.

On our way back

2 tuckered out kids.  Too bad Penelope didn’t do the same
My first bushpie of the season!

Tanner trying to put out the fire with his water gun.

I’m the king of the castle and you’re the dirty rascal :)

Playing ring toss

Taking Penelope’s jacket off – She loved the rain, dirt – everything about being outside.  Yes definitely more like Greg each and every day!

Trying to steal marshmallows when she thought I wasn’t looking

Playing with some toys before supper

Yummy shishkabobs

Grilled veggies (the all mushroom one was for me incase you are wondering)

Tanner playing with Raspberry Torte :) HAHA

Tanner – the official fire marshall of every camping trip!!

Penelope was up bright and early on Canada Day morning

These were not the same campers that were there when we went to bed the night before.  The rain must have scared the tenters off and the RV must have been looking for a place to sleep and got lucky

Breakfast time
Camping Overflow in Banff….CRAZY!!!

At Johnson’s Lake

This smelled so bad both Tanner and I almost threw up. No joke

Stopping to smell the flowers

Good ol’ Canadian Maple Fudge from The Fudgery in Banff

Penelope waiting for the parade to start

Patriotic cousins

The Stampede Show Band – getting in some practice before the big parade

Tanner and Greg laughing at the horses pooping and then watching people inadvertently walk in it

Bring the Buffalo back to BANFF!!

Grandma Gail and Uncle Brad watching the parade

Daddy did this to her.  She was not impressed

The Parade in Banff was awesome but oh my goodness was it ever busy!!  It was almost impossible to find a spot to park.  Everybody enjoyed it and I am glad we did it because now I know we are still a few years away from taking the girls to the Stampede parade.
Our camping stove broke just as we were finishing supper.  They had to finish their turkey burgers this way.  Our stove actually caught fire.  It was kinda crazy!!

Penelope woke from a long nap after the parade and was enjoying Uncle Brad’s company while eating her hot dog

Tanner doing what he did for most of the weekend!  Amusing us.

At the park for fireworks

Happy Birthday Canada and thank you Banff for a great birthday celebration!!!
Monday morning we all woke up and started packing up for the journey home.  Grandma Gail had to drive back to Saskatoon, Uncle Brad to Calgary and we had to drive to Calgary then to Red Deer to drop off Tanner and then back to Calgary.  It was a long day for us.
Finley had done this while I was getting ready in the tent.  She was ready to head home

Helping empty the tent

More helping!!
We had so much fun this long weekend and were so happy to have Tanner, Grandma Gail and Uncle Brad join us!

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