Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Canada Day in Jasper

We headed to Jasper National Park for the Canada Day weekend where we met up with my cousin Jimmy, his wife Nancy + their kids Madison + Tanner.
We met at Saskatchewn Crossing before heading to a picnic site and then to the Columbia Icefields.  It was very cold and windy at the glacier.  Very cold!!
After leaving the icefields, we headed to Sunwapta Falls.  I stayed in the car and fed Penelope which is why there are only 3 pictures taken!
After the stop at Sunwapta Falls, we headed to our campsite at Wabasso.  On our way there we saw a bear on the road near our campground.  We couldn’t stop since he was so close to the road.  
Here are some photos of the kids playing together.  Finley and Penelope were so happy to have someone to play with and admittedly so were Greg and I! 
The below are photos of behind our site.  It was awesome!!
After supper, we headed into the Jasper townsite to look around and to watch the fireworks.  There are 2 family photos – one with us “normal” and one is of me being silly
Waiting for the fireworks to start….
The fireworks were amazing!! So much better than any of us expected and way better than anything i’ve ever seen in Calgary!!
On Saturday, we headed to Geraldine Lakes.  Greg had said that it was an easy hike and that the kids would have no problems doing this.  The hiking book we have said it was good for waddlers, toddlers + seniors.  Not sure what hike they were actually talking about because it wasn’t this one.  It was full of rocks, mud, puddles, roots, boards + logs.  At some parts you had to stop and think which way would be easier to go up to.  Madi + I ended up further ahead of the rest of the people and it was because Greg had walked through mud that Jimmy said to avoid because it was high on dekker.  Greg didn’t believe  him and walked through it and got stuck.  I am so disappointed that I missed this.  We were planning on  heading to the Geraldine Falls but we turned around because the path had been washed away with the excess snow that the area received.
After Geraldine Lakes, we stopped at Athabasca Falls which is one of my favourite places in Jasper.  It is full of gorgeous rock and massive waterfalls!
Saturday night Jimmy made Bushpies.  I had never heard of bush pies before and was quite hesitant to try them but they were delicious!  So happy Jimmy brought them camping!
Our various campfires throughout the weekend.  Tanner was obsessed with fire – either he will be a firefighter or a fire starter!  haha.  We each brought the flame color changer and that was pretty cool to see.  We had green fire + blue fire.
Around 10pm, Jimmy roasted hotdogs and it was a great idea!  I had chicken dogs and the others had beef hotdogs.  Everybody seemed appalled by my chicken dogs but they were delicious!
On Sunday we packed up and headed to Mount Edith Cavell for an early hike before we headed back to our respective cities.  It was super awesome!  We heard the ice crack and the park ranger said that there was a mini avalanche.  We walked down to the melted glacier and stuck our hands in.  It was freezing cold!!
7 of the 8 bears we saw!!!!
Other wildlife:
IT was a fantastic weekend and it was really nice to have some company while we were in the mountains.  We cant wait to do it all over again together next summer!

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