Sunday, 19 July 2015

Canada Day!

Canada Day saw us heading to Banff for some mostly weekday camping.  With it being on a wednesday, we headed out that morning and came home on Saturday so we could have a recovery day before Greg headed back to work.
The girls decked out in their Canada gear before we hit up all the festivities in Banff
They had bouncy castles set up for each age group which sucked.  And Penelope was devastated that she had to go on the baby one.  Finley enjoyed the castle very much.
And Penelope eventually did too.
They had a craft table where they made photo frames out of foam.
Sidewalk painting.  We never seem to get into the townsite early enough to do this.  Next time for sure.  There was some great art this year.
The kids had cotton candy years ago at the fair in PA.  Penelope loved it but she doesn’t anymore which surprises me a lot.  I don’t like it either but I thought for sure she would.  Finley still enjoys it.
Hanging out with Digger the bear who was explaining why he was captured…..short story is keep your campsite clean and coolers in the car!
Playing x’s and o’s with wood pieces.  Finley was pouting because she was losing but in all fairness Greg was helping Penelope and he never loses at this game.
Trying to lasso her pony
This was a first for us – the Banff Farmer’s Market.  It was a mix of etsy like stuff and local/BC area produce
We killed time before the parade with a magic show.  Finley is obsessed with magic these days.  I though it was mostly lame but she was laying on the ground laughing.  She made it all worth it.  He brought with a real life bunny and bird.
Waiting for the parade to start.  They joined a new family haha
The “Love Wins” float
And a great end to a great day….fireworks in Banff!

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