Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Cancun Part 2

Here is part 2 of our trip in photos.  Nothing too exciting, in fact, this post might be more boring then the  previous!
Getting a run in on the beach.  Could you imagine being able to run along this every day??
Surfer Girls
One day we took a ferry over to Isle Mujures – it is a cute little island about 15 minutes from Cancun
Our first stop after renting our golf cart was the Sea Turtle Farm which was hugely popular with everyone.  The farm exists because sea turtles are actually facing exintction.   There are 2 reasons for this: overeating of their eggs and mostly their eggs are squished by tourists along the shore.  The eggs are rescued and they come to life at the farm.  Most of them do end up back in the ocean.
the baby sea turtles are so cute.  
If you look closely near my finger – that is a baby sea horse – tiniest things ever!!!  so cute!
Star fish — my favourite!!
massive crab!!!
white sea turtles
searching for sea shells
They were successful!!
The southernest point of the island
A yummy ice cream treat
Hanging out at the North Shore.  We only stayed for about an hour before hitting the shops and heading back to Cancun on the ferry.  The smell of gasoline and diesel from the boats was making me ill.
Ocean are you there??
She refused to brush her teeth and fought us on it the night before.  She stayed in this spot for 2 hours.  I posted a photo on Instagram and someone suggested i download Today’s Parent Milestones App.  I did and it worked.  It had a cute app and she brushed her teeth finally and we all made it to the beach.
Silly girls!!
Successful Seashell Hunting
Greg and the girls down on the beach.  I stayed at the pool.  Why??  Because I truly, madly, deeply hate it!!!  I hate how it sticks to you, gets in everything.  So gross!!!!!  I need to find a sand less beach that isn’t a swimming pool.
Someone is pouting and not too happy about something.  Unfortunately I have no idea what it was anymore.
Two tired little girls trying to enjoy the last few hours of their vacation
On our flight from Cancun to Houston.  She slept the whole way and most of the way from Houston to Calgary.  
It was a great trip and the girls are already talking about where we will go next year and it has ramped up in recent days because it is so freaking cold here!!!

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