Thursday, 8 August 2013

Canoeing in Lake Vermillion

This past August long weekend, we went camping in Banff with Kristy, Jimmy, Nancy, Madi and Tanner.  Having Kristy and Madi along made it quite entertaining ;)
Since Jimmy has a knee injury, hiking wasn’t really an option so we decided to go canoeing.  We rented three canoes:
Canoe 1: Me, Greg, Finley and Penelope
Canoe 2: Jimmy, Tanner and Nancy
Canoe 3: Madi and Kristy
Can you guess which canoe was the most entertaining??
Getting ready to get into the canoe.  She was so excited!

The best photo I could get of us all.  You can kinda see my head and Penelope’s.  I am wearing the camo headband,

The first of many, many times Kristy and Madi hit the banks

Nancy, Tanner and Jimmy probably laughing at Madi and Kristy

One of several trees they hit.  They came so close to tipping so many times.  I have no idea how this canoe stayed up!!

We had to go back to help them out a few times.  Greg coached from our canoe.  This time we had to pull them out.

Kristy got her oar stuck in the bank while trying to push off after hitting the bank

A nice girl came down to the edge and got Kristy’s oar out and pushed her back into the water.  Thank goodness for nice people :)
Most people were entertained by Madi and Kristy with only canoe being douchebags.  One family also pulled them out of a bank and offered to give them his little boys to help them out!  We had so much fun canoeing even if we didn’t get very far thanks to Kristy and Madi.  It’s not often that your stomach hurts and you cry from laughing while you are canoeing. But at least they enjoyed it :)

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