Sunday, 27 July 2014

Castle Mountain + Bow Lake

Last weekend, we  headed up to Banff to do some camping and meet some friends for lunch on Sunday.  We had been beyond spoiled in Calgary with crazy hot weather lasting days and days on end so it was a bit of a shock when we got to Banff and it was so cold and wet and rainy!
We set up our campsite at Castle Mountain Campground which is Banff National Park close to Lake Louise and Jasper National Park which is why it was no problem to make the drive into JNP to go canoeing at Bow Lake.  We also made the drive down the road to Bow Glacier.  Finley loved this as she has been obsessed with the Bow + Elbow Rivers and how water works and where it comes from ever since the AB Floods.
It was so yucky that we didn’t think a canoe ride was in our future but it cleared up for a bit and we took advantage of this.
Getting ready to go for a quick canoe ride.
The scenery was stunning and it was a great canoe ride until it was time to turn around and head back to shore.
Crowfoot Glacier
Somebody was clearly tired out.  I would have LOVED to trade spots with Finley.  I was so tired.  It was so windy and almost impossible to get back to shore.  It took us 15 minutes to get to where we decided to turn around and 45 minutes to get back.  My arms felt like jello when we finally did get back.
The little river area behind the mini mall area in Lake Louise.  We stopped at the bakery to get treats and walked along down here.  It is really nice!
So cute when she sleeps!
Biking around the campsite.  They couldn’t go far in either direction but they had a great time
At the top of Tunnel Mountain!

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