Saturday, 10 August 2013

Castle Mountain Campground

We stayed at Castle Mountain Campsite this past long weekend.  Kristy drove to Calgary and then we met up with Jimmy, Nancy, Madi and Tanner.  This is one of Greg’s favorite campsites in Banff National Park.  His other favorite is Protection Mountain campsite.  Both are not as busy as Tunnel Mountain and Lake Louise.  And you get few “let’s try camping for the first time campers” who don’t follow campsite/park rules and that drives Greg mad.

Looking for clues

Playing ring toss with Aunty Kristy

Sitting around the fire, waiting for the others to come join us

Building a “campfire” of their own

A large elk who hung out by our campsite most of the weekend

Day 1 and Penelope was already filthy

And it got worse!!!!

Waiting for Aunty Kristy at the Banff Hot Springs.  It was pretty nice!

Somebody wants a lick of Tanner’s lollipop

Our summer drink for the weekend….sprite, coconut rum and grapefruit juice.

Penelope and I went to the bathroom and as we were coming back we heard a scream and some laughing and this is what we came  back to.  Apparently the tree stump she was sitting on tipped because she wasn’t sitting on it properly.  She lost her supper and the cup she was holding.  Greg and Finley (and probably Madi) are still laughing about it today!!

Then she hit her head on the tree and got tree sap in her hair.  It was not a good night for Kristy :)

The coolest camper EVER!!  It had european plates so it was brought over via boat I am assuming.  Seriously – I want this!!

Time to go home.  It was a great weekend!!  Thanks to everybody joining us – it’s fun when it’s not just the 4 of us all of the time!!

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