Wednesday, 30 October 2013


Yesterday Finley turned 5.  This is how she celebrated her day.
Our traditional birthday photo as you are waking up
She was already away reading her Transformer’s book that she got at the library the day before.
Our morning was pretty low key.  Finley and Penelope played Transformers and then we had to go help my cousin Jimmy switch hotel rooms as he just had knee surgery and needed some help.
Wearing her birthday outfit.  They sang Happy Birthday to her and she got a special sticker to wear all day.
She picked Red Lobster to celebrate her birthday supper
Coloring her menu
Free dessert!!!  The staff all sang Happy Birthday to her!  She was thrilled!
She was so excited to play with her custom made Finley the Mermaid doll
Opening presents
Doc McStuffins Operation!!
We played Operation a few times before an episode of Transformers on Netflix before bed.  Finley liked the game only when she could get her owie out. She got very angry when it buzzed.  
Finley said she had a great day which is great to hear!!
Happy Birthday Finley!!

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