Friday, 24 February 2012

Center Visit

So a few weeks ago, Greg and I went into Finley’s preschool to have our first center visit.  A centre visit is a monthly visit with Finley’s teachers, her speech therapist, her occupational therapist, her physiotherapist and her aides. 
Finley doesn’t really need the occupational therapist or the physiotherapist since her only developmental delay is related to speech. So she has gym class with physio and occupational helps use scissors and stuff like that.
Finley is doing very well at school.  She is very confident, independent and loves to learn.  They were impressed with her recognition of the alphabet and that she knew all her shapes, colours and can count to 20.  They were also happy that she greets all her teachers, aides and fellow classmates by their names.  She also greets both her aides with hugs too.
We were told that Finley will start kindergarten at a regular school without an extra assistance from aides or assistants or programs.  This made me happy.  I have full confidence that this is not said to every parent in hopes of making them feel better. 
Her goals for the rest of the year are as follows:
1) To correctly say her name and Penelope’s.  She has improved leaps and bounds with both although Penelope sometimes sounds like puppy. 
2) To work on things like Gilk (milk), Gickey (Mickey) and Mimi (Minnie) because Penelope is starting to repeat these as well.
3)  To work on her “s” sounds.  Some she does very well, other times she reverses the consonants in the words or just skips part of the word
4) To work on the word “not”.  She doesn’t understand this word at all.  If you show her a red crayon and a blue crayon and say which is NOT the blue crayon, she points to the blue.  We have been working on this all the time and I have some seen some improvement although I sometimes wonder if she just gets lucky.
5) She has a hard time with “over, under, on, beside” so we are working on this too.
6) Lots of times she doesn’t remember what she had for breakfast or did at school.  Her speech therapist (who I love) said that it is more likely that she can’t express herself properly than it is a memory problem.  So what we do now, is ask her did you have hotdogs for breakfast or oatmeal and usually she will answer correctly.  However, if you ask pizza or whatever it was she actually had, then she will always answer pizza.  She loves her pizza!  Her aides also tell me what they do so that I can ask her.  She is getting a bit better even telling me what she did on her own, which is really good.
7) Because she has no physical disabilities, her goals are to properly use scissors and to throw a ball properly – work on her aim since she has none.
We have these meetings once per month and discuss the progress that Finley has made since the last one.  She gets tested in June again for enrollment for next year.  Most likely she will be approved for PUF programming and back at that school.  Some days I think she has made great progress and then other days I see nothing.  Most people who don’t see her everyday say that they have seen significant improvement in her.  I don’t know if it’s because they feel sorry for us or if they really do see a difference. 
Finley LOVES school, she loves her classmates, her teachers, her aides – everybody!  She loves to show me what she has made and proudly has all her artwork hanging in her room.  Although I have more to hang so I think some will have to come down.  She is even doing some fingerpainting but still prefers to use brushes at all times!  One of Finley’s classmates always says  Hi Finley’s Mom to me and Hi Finley’s baby to Penelope.  It seriously makes my day!! Such cute kids!
Anyways, I think that is all for now.  Our next meeting is on March 16 and I will let you know what happens then!

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