Thursday, 8 December 2011

O Christmas Tree

O Christmas Trees

A few weeks ago, on a Monday evening, we all gathered on the main floor to decorate what I call our formal Christmas tree.  Greg calls it the boring one.
It’s formal because it is ALL red and silver.  It’s how I like it so it’s how it stays ;)
I have evolved from just red and silver balls to some really cool ones that I get during boxing day sales at Crate and Barrel as well as Pier 1.  They are outrageously expensive before hand but get marked down to my liking!!  
Perhaps I will do a post on some of them but for now here are some photos of our kick off to Christmas!!
Finley showing off her new Christmas Pajama’s.  They are Elmo + Cookie Monster playing in the snow.  They were a HUGE hit!
Greg and Finley getting ready to hang some ornaments on
Penelope starting what will become an annoyingly bad habit – undecorating our tree!!
A rare photo of me.  I had to rearrange some alot of the Christmas ornaments as Finley liked to decorate in one area.
More decorating!
Love this one of Pia
Watching from afar
Both helping out
Thank goodness for shatterproof balls!
And for the grand finale:  Our 2011 Formal Christmas Tree!!!
It looks pretty darn good I think!!
Happy Holidays!!!

O Chrismas Tree Part 2

The day after we decorated our main floor Christmas tree, we headed upstairs to do the “fun” tree in the bonus room.  This Christmas tree contains all of our homemade, gimmick and childhood christmas ornaments.  
Finley hanging her new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ornament
Greg hanging his ornaments he made as a child
Finley looking over her pile of ornaments
This is her Elmo from last year
She also got Abby last year
Penelope loves Sesame Street and was in love with the ornaments.  They got moved up the tree pretty fast.  Finley was not impressed.
Her 2011 Ornament – Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Her second ornament – Jessie (Disney store had a deal, it was basically 2 for 1)
Penelope only had 2 ornaments to put on the tree this year.  Here is one of them.
Putting decorations on
Penelope’s new ornament for 2011.  She picked Elmo over Mickey but I think I will buy the Mickey one on boxing day if it is at Canadian Tire.
Not very happy that she can’t play with new Elmo ornament.
The 2011 Bonus Room Christmas Tree!!

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