Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Christmas at Banff Springs

 This year, Greg started at a new company and with that came a new location for a Christmas party.  His company holds it at the Banff Springs Hotel and has done so for many years. With the low oil prices, many company’s have scaled back or cancelled Christmas parties altogether but when they looked into moving the party into Calgary it wasn’t worth it after looking at cancellation fees at this hotel and costs of a party in Calgary. I was excited to be going to the Banff Springs Hotel as I had never been before. I have hiked trails near the hotel but nothing else. 
While Greg was checking in, I was exploring the area and came across a gingerbread house with an elf on the shelf hiding in it. What a nice gesture of Banff Springs to share in this modern Christmas tradition. 
After we checked in, we wandered around the 2nd mezzanine to find our room. For two people who have never been before, we are grateful that the hotel provides guests with a map to get to where you need to go but even that didn’t help us much at first. When we finally made it to our room, this was our view. It was perfect.
And our suite! It was unreal. I swear it was as big as the first apartment that Greg + I shared! We had the bedroom part and then we had stairs up to the sitting area which had a couch and a desk to the right.
I loved how Christmassy the hotel was. There was Christmas trees and decor everywhere! As someone who loves to do it up with holiday decor, I appreciated the commitment.  
After we got settled in our hotel room, we headed to what I thought was Grapes Wine Bar but we were actually in Rundle Lodge and I have no idea if they are one and the same or where one starts and the other ends. I do think they are in similar locations though. 
Regardless of the name, the view above was what we enjoyed while sipping on some delicious cocktails. Thank god they were good because they were pricy. Although it was the same price I paid for a cosmopolitan when we were on the sex and the city tour in New York which was almost 10 years ago now. I had bubbles and berries for my drink and the berries were cranberries which was perfect for the holiday season.
This was the view from our room just before we left to go downstairs to the Christmas party. The party was fantastic and really well put on. The CEO of Greg’s company had a pretty fantastic speech and even though he did speak about the low oil prices and how he didn’t expect that to happen he talked about how they survived, how they didn’t lay anybody off but that hired 6 employees and that yes it was a long road ahead of them but it was a long road and that is a good thing. It was nice to see some optimism when all you see is negativity in the news and on social media. I am really happy that Greg is working for such a great, small company.
The nextning, his company had a breakfast for the families and then we went and ran part of Goat Creek. I loved biking it this summer but I did not love running it. I am not a trail runner at all and the uneven ground really bothered my knee.  In fact, as I type this Wednesday morning, my knee is still hurting. Hopefully it recovers soon!
I am really grateful that I was able to finally stay at Banff Springs hotel. There are so many amenities and it’s just a short walk into town. Lots of shuttles and activities to be found. I have no idea if I will ever be back but thank you for #christmasinthecastle

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