Friday, 23 November 2012

O Christmas Tree

On Sunday night, Greg, the girls and I put up the main floor Christmas tree.  Greg calls it the boring, snobby tree but I call it the formal and elegant one :).  This tree is strictly red and silver and NOTHING else.  All the fun ornaments go upstairs in the bonus room tree.  Regardless of the ornaments, Finley loves to do it.  Penelope participated much more than she did last year.
Taking some of the more fancier ornaments out
Penelope wanting to hoard the decorations instead of putting on the tree
Seriously love this photo
Taking a time out
Rapunzel’s Tower is far more exciting…..
Cleaning up the first of several ornaments.  Most of ours break proof – still weeding out the non break proof though :)  And yes I am wearing pajama bottoms but my leggings were underneath.  I was cold so put the pants over top of my original outfit. 
Reaching the up high places
Penelope admiring our main floor tree – turned out pretty good…..

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