Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Columbia Ice Fields

Our first stop once we got to Jasper was the Athabasca Glacier at Columbia Ice Fields. Greg and I were here last about 5 years ago and were anxious to see how far the ice had shrunk since then. If I ever get around to it, I will post pics from then and now but at the moment I am not that motivated!
Finley stretching her legs after the long car ride here! She is wearing her Olympic Bunny Hug in honor of Canada Day. It was ridiculous the amount of people wearing their 2010 Olympic gear that day! Finley and I fit right in with ours!
Finley trying to hug the Mounty Moose at the Columbia Ice Fields Interpretation Center
A rare photo of Finley and I. I almost never have my photo taken but took advantage of this opportunity for some reason. Turned out not too bad, I even almost smiled! haha
 Finley with her daddy and the Bear Mounty
This is me at approximately 1979. You can barely see the Glacier in the background it has receded so far….darn global warming….
  This is Greg at approximately 1981
Kristy and I at the top of the Glacier. You used to be able to walk right on the glacier but now it’s all taped off. You can see streams and puddles around the edges because it is melting so fast. It will be interesting to see it again in another 5 years. I was almost 32 weeks in this photo
  Finley at approximately 2008
Kristy at approximately 1981.

It was pretty cold hiking up the glacier and probably a little dangerous for a pregnant gal but we did it. The worst part for me was that I didn’t have a jacket that fit me properly. I ended up wearing Greg’s fleece whenever I got cold. Unfortunately it was WAY TOO big for me and I looked like an elephant…hahah

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