Friday, 19 August 2011


Today was just a small party for Penelope – basically just her, Finley, Greg + I.  Her big party will be held on Saturday where we will have her fancy cake (that i made from scratch – seriously cross your fingers that it tastes good) and lots more presents!
She had a pretty fun day – we had a playdate at the Koffee Tot in Mckenzie Towne and  had so much fun playing with all the different toys and with her favorite friends – thanks for the super awewome outfit + top C + K!  She can’t wait to wear it.
Her 1st cupcake for her 1st birthday.  Thank you Crave Cupcakes for making fabulous cupcakes!
I absolute love this picture!!  She looks so grown up –  :(
I didn’t have the candle all the way in the cupcake, just in the icing and it toppled over.  Thankfully I didn’t melt the highchair!
Checking out what was in front of her….
Finley thoroughly enjoying her cupcake.  She took her dress off because her sister did.
Penelope had more fun playing with the icing than eating.  SO NOT like her sister!
She did a really good job opening her present. 
They were both very excited to see Penelope’s present.  It is a Learning Turtle that goes in the bathtub with you.  It got used almost immediately after it was opened.
I am glad we a quiet birthday today because Saturday is going to be insane!  I am not going to lie it was really hard to find presents for Penelope because Finley was so spoiled.  We got her the Learning Turtle and a few small things that she will get on Saturday. 
Happy Birthday Sweet Little Girl!

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