Thursday, 29 October 2009


Thank You Finley
Thank You Finley for being patient with your daddy and I while learned how to be a mommy and daddy
Thank you Finley for feeding every 4 hours and sleeping almost all of the time in between
Thank you Finley for sleeping through the night at 8 weeks
Thank you finley for never needing a soother and for not sucking your thumb
Thank you Finley for adjusting well to your crib at 9 weeks
Thank you Finley for travelling well during our many long trip to Saskatchewan
Thank you Finley for loving sports and for wanting to attend your first Calgary Flames game at the age of 3 weeks. We were so proud at how great you behaved. I swear everybody in our section wished they had a baby like ours!
Thank you Finley for your love of shopping. Shopping in the USA & at West Edmonton Mall & whenever Aunty Kristy came to town could be an exhausting experience. But you were always such a trooper!
Thank you for loving the mountains & camping! We are so happy that you have the same love for the outdoors as we do. Although Daddy is wondering when you are going to carry him down the mountain?
Thank you Finley for not hating me when for awhile, I was giving you less then your required amounts of formula in your bottle. (it was only for a week, she rebounded wel)
Thank you Finley for eating all of the food I prepared for you. You ate things I wouldn’t even eat and for that I am so proud!
Thank you Finley for attending Roughneck, Vipers & Stamps games. Even on days we thought you were misbehaving, people still commented on how good she was.
Thank you Finley for loving your swing which enabled mom to get a moment’s peace
Thank you Finley for justifying not getting dressed for days, for not doing anybody’s laundy but yours, for not cleaning our house and for just sitting on the couch enjoying each other’s company.
Thank you Finley for giving a new found respect for mom’s everywhere – especially mine.
Thank you Finley for filling our lives with such a joy that words simply cannot explain.
Thank you Finley for allowing us to love more then we ever thought possible.
Thank you Finley for not forgetting your mama when you got to leave the hospital and I had to stay in.
Thank you Finley for choosing us to spend the rest of your life with and trusting us to do what we think is right for you.
But most of all Finley, Thank you for being you. For your wonderful smile that makes me feel like a million dollars even when I don’t deserve it. Thank you for your unique personality – I love every stubborn inch of your tiny body. Thank you for your beautiful blue eyes that sparkle so brightly when you are happy. For your laughs, your cuddles, your delightful conversations.
Thank you Finley for giving meaning to our lives. Happy Birthday Peanut. We love you!

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