Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Dear Finley,

Dear Finley,
Today we celebrate your 6th birthday and every year it’s the same, how is possible that you are already 6 years old.  I remember the day you were born like it was this morning. You were so tiny and beautiful.  We were full of amazement how it was possible that we could create something so wonderfully perfect and love you as much as we did having only met you just moments before.  I read an article this morning on who said that after his daughter arrived, he wanted to call his parents and apologize because he never understood how much they loved him until he had a child of his own.  And that is truly how I feel.  And everyday you continue to amaze me with your sweet but fierce personality.  You are truly a unique little girl and I love watching you grow into your own person each and every day.
You have a crazy sense of style and I love seeing your personality show through.  You wear what you want with what you want and don’t care what anybody thinks.  Whether it’s a combination of crazy bold patterns, transformer socks pulled up to your knees over leggings with mismatched sparkle shoes. Animal print is all the rage right now and you try to wear it all at once! Part of me wishes I was more like that.
Finley this morning on her birthday before school.
You love to do crafts.  If you could, it would be all day, every day.  I don’t know where it comes from.  Maybe Grandma Gail because she is pretty good with her scrapbooking and card making stuff.  It certainly isn’t from me haha.  You love colouring, cutting, and painting.  Your walls are covered in your creations and you have piles waiting for their turn to be displayed.
You are a very active girl – you love to go for bike rides, you play soccer – both indoor and outdoor and you are learning how to skate because you decided last week that you want to play hockey.  You love to do yoga and walk to the park and camp and generally be outside.  You are so much like your dad in that way.  You want to so badly winter camp but me and your sister are not up for that yet.
You love your friends and your sister.  For the most part, you and Penelope have a great relationship.  You fight like crazy and get into more trouble then I would like but at the end of the day you are still best friends.  And that makes my heart happy.  There is not much more that you can ask for except that it lasts a lifetime.

You love Rapunzel and all things Frozen.  Let It Go is played constantly in our house, Frozen is recited by heart nearly every day.  We own every possible Frozen item known to man and they are played with religiously.  That was the first movie that you ever went to see in a theatre and you were so excited until you cried when you thought Anna died.  You have recently taken an interest in Monster High and thanks to Grandma’s and Aunty’s you now have an abundance of them.  You even have a halloween costume to match your favourite Monster High doll.
You love to listen to music.  Your favourites right now are Lorde – mainly Royals (which you refer to as the Queen Bee song) and Team.  You love anything by Taylor Swift and is obsessed with her new album – especially Wonderland.  You also love anything Luke Bryan especially Play It Again and That’s My Kinda Night and lastly you love One Direction.  This started because your cousin was obsessed for awhile and so you had to be.  Madi has since moved on but you have not.  We actually just got tickets for One Direction in Edmonton next July.  You are crazy excited.

You love to go to school and every day you are eager to learn new things and go see your teacher and friends.  You have adapted quite well to Kindergarten which makes us all happy.
You love to go to the Zoo and to the Corn Maze.  You love camels and bears and owls and sometimes giraffes just to irritate your sister.  Don’t worry, she does the same to you when it comes to camels.  You love watching the pig races and going down the big slides and playing mini golf at the maze.  Ironically, the one thing you don’t like to do there is the corn maze!

You love to read books – especially Level 1 Dick + Jane readers – which both your dad and I read as kids.  You have moved on to Level 2 with some success.  You love Henry and Fudge and any book really that you can read at the moment.  You love to read to anybody who is listening and we love to hear you read.
Finley, you have grown up so much this past year and I am truly honored that somehow, somewhere we were chosen to be your parents.  It has been both a privilege and a blessing to see you transform from baby to toddler to  preschooler to a beautiful, smart girl.  Your happy smile and bubbly personality is the sunshine in my soul. I only hope that you continue to foster this the older you get.
Happy 6th Birthday to my first baby girl

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