Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Dear Penelope,

Dear Penelope,
Today you turn 5. I know I say this every year, but I really can’t believe that you are already 5. Or that you are going to be in kindergarten in a few short weeks.  
You are such a fierce, funny, feisty big hearted little girl. You are so stubborn but with parents like us, how could you not be. 
You love to play soccer. You say that you want to play forever and I hope that you do. You loved watching the Women’s FIFA World Cup this year as it was hosted here in Canada. You were in heaven when we watched the final and cheered when the American’s won. 
You spend hours playing with your my little ponies and pretend with your sister. Some of your pretend play has included such things as “tornado” which always cracks me up. You love to do puzzles and play Toy Story Yahtzee and will play with your stuffies if your sister doesn’t want to. Your latest obsession is Beanie Boos. I think you might own the entire owl collection.  
You love to read and are getting so good at reading the Dick + Jane books that you so happily took off your sister’s hands. You also love reading Pinkalicious, and the seek and find books. 
You love to ride your bike and be on the bike behind your dad. You spend hours riding back and forth in front of our house and around the campsites and you have no fear. None at all. Every day your dad and I wonder if today will be that day that we take you to the hospital with a broken bone. You so desperately want a big Nike like Finley with different gears and the fancy brakes as you call them. You are able to ride her bike but you struggle with the brakes and your feet don’t quite reach the ground. Hopefully next year will be your year. 
Your quirky personality comes into play all of the time. Whether it’s at a coffee date and you ask me how I met my husband because you just don’t know where to find one or you telling us what you are gonna be when you grow up. Last year, you were only concerned about being a human and having 10,000 kids and this year, well this was a different story. You wanted to be a “payer” as you called it at the city target in Seattle to a racecar driver in that same city to a jungle girl who lived with monkeys and ate bananas and traveled back to Calgary by giraffe to a super hero who used a blaster to make her fly to a drummer girl by day and super hero by night which is where we are now. 
You love to give hugs and kisses and when you are not fighting with Finley, you two are “best sisters forever” which you two came up with on your own. You are always sharing your things with her and help her clean her room even though she rarely does the same to you. 
We love watching you grow everyday into your own person. It’s been fun so far and we know it’s only gonna get better as you get older. 
Happy Birthday Penelope and thank you for picking us to be your family. It is truly the best and most rewarding job in the world. 

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