Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Advent Calendar

For the last several years I have made a diy advent calendar. The first year I bought a felt kit from chapters and I was pretty good at doing it and keeping up with it. The second year I found a magnetic tin one from Target that was cute + I liked it better so I sold the first one but I only did it 20% of the time. Thankfully the kids didn’t notice. Last year, I ordered a super cute one from etsy that I had to put together. It was to hang on a mantel. I made it, hung it and hated it. I perused Pinterest to see how I could re-use it and found one I could do. I don’t think we used it for more then one day. I blamed the fact that it sucked. I found another diy kit at Michaels on clearance right after Christmas. It looked simple enough that I could do it. As I was going through my Christmas boxes in November I came across the one from last year and the new one from this year. I was instantly reminded why I hate them. There was so much pressure trying to fill each day with a treat or activity especially when some activities were weather defendant which is almost never a good thing here. It was enough dealing with an elf!!!  So I sold them both and found this one on a buy n sell site for $9 
It’s a Melissa + Doug one and the ornaments magnetically attach to the Christmas tree. It is so great! Peppermint brought it for the girls yesterday and they were excited by it. Although Penelope was annoyed she didn’t move. I suggested to the girls that they take turns each day putting the ornaments on the tree. Hopefully we make it without them fighting over who’s turn it is. 

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