Sunday, 19 April 2015

Dinosaurs Alive

It was spring  break for the Catholic kids last week, so a friend and I took our girls down to the Calgary Zoo.  It was super chaotic but the kids still had a blast.  I posted a bunch of photos on social media if you would like to see more, but thought I would focus on the updated prehistoric park which is also now called Dinosaurs Alive.
We had Dinosaurs Alive once before.  Finley was just a baby then so we didn’t really see it.  In fact, I am sure we only saw it once before it was gone. 
At the beginning it all seems the same with the exception of new signs and the dinosaurs alive.  I think the hills were painted too but I don’t really remember.  But then you get to the interactive area and that is really cool.  The topic they were discussing was eggs which was to the disappointment of the girls because they wanted to talk about T-Rex and apparently it did not have eggs.  
They have a new rock and sand area where the kids can play.  The rock area has a cave they can climb through and the sandbox is rocks and you pretend you are digging for fossils and they supply all the stuff needed.  Really good addition to the area.
This one was my favourite member of the Dinosaurs Alive.  It was very loud and ferocious for being such a “small” dinosaur.  Some of the other ones sounded like cows mooing which Greg said was what they sounded like.  I don’t buy this but I don’t know enough to argue either way.
And at the end of the path is the dinosaur and it’s egg photo op.  I like photo ops like this.
I am quite happy with the dinosaurs alive and will not be avoiding it like we usually do :)

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