Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Disney On Ice

***Disclaimer: I had this set as a draft and forgot to publish it.  And i even had it uploaded and ready to go the day after the event!!!
Yesterday we went to Disney On Ice down at the Corral.  The girls actually thought that Mickey and Minnie were going to be playing hockey against the Flames and were conflicted on who they should cheer for.  They were a little surprised but still enjoyed their time.
They insisted on dressing up for the event.  Finley has become one of the worst smilers these days.  She always looks depressed or sad in photos haha



Under The Sea

Penelope’s favourite part.  She is obsessed with witches these days.  She has already decided that is what she is being for Halloween.

Lilo + Stitch.  The girls had no idea who they were and it didn’t hold their interest for long.  Why are they even on the tour???  Seriously who has watched that movie with kids these days?

They arrived in London!

Peter Pan

It was a great afternoon spent as a family and we finished it off with dinner at Blue Star Diner in Bridgeland.  One of my favourite restaurants.  You must go if you have never been!!

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