Tuesday, 1 October 2013


On our second day in Anaheim, we headed to Disneyland which is right next door to California Adventure.
Waiting at Disneyland for it to open.  She was wearing her Rapunzel shirt and carrying her brand new baby rapunzel doll
Waiting for the gates to open….first in line again….
Finally the gates opened!!
Greg and Finley on Space Mountain.  FInley liked this ride but not enough to go on again with me!!
The Finding Nemo Ride.  Way cooler the Nemo ride at Epcot in Florida
New Orleans….home of Tiana and Pirates of Caribbean amongst other things
THe winnie the pooh ride.  Penelope really enjoyed this one.  Greg said that this ride used to be the big bear jamboree or something like that?? It was quite similar to Dumbo if I remember correctly.
Waiting in line to meet Rapunzel.  She and Merida have their own areas that have them there for meet and greets consistently rather then at the Royal Theater where the princesses take turns and you never know who you might get to see.
One of the princessy gift shops inside of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle
One of my most favorite photos from our trip.  They were waiting to ride the carousel.
The most annoying ride ever.  There was a medical emergency while we were on this ride, thankfully for us it was just outside so we weren’t subjected to listen to it’s a small world for what would seem like an entirety.  Also, thankfully the lady was not injured just needed help getting out of boat and back into her wheelchair.  The great thing about this ride was that it was nicely air conditioned on the inside so you got a break from the heat.
Penelope and I on the Pooh ride.  SHe got to meet some characters from here but that’s in another post.
On the Carousel 
Beginning of the parade
The parade was FANTASTIC!!!!!  Even if it was blistering hot out at 3pm, it was so awesome!  The kids were so much in awe!!
Not sure what ride we were on but it would seem that Penelope is having some fun!
Waiting to go Muppets 3D.  This is actually in California Adventure but around suppertime we came back to this park so Penelope could go on the Mater ride again and we ate supper at the V8 Cafe.  We did this ride on recommendation of someone we met while watching the WOrld of Colour the night before.  It was pretty cool although Finley and Penelope had no idea who the muppets even were!!
One tired little gal waiting for the fireworks. 
Another tired little gal
A great shot of Sleeping  Beauty’s castle
Shooting Star fireworks – Finley’s favorite
It’s Tinkerbell
The flying Dumbo and Tinkerbell were just another example of how supremely magical and awesome Disney is.  This totally captivated Finley and she was in awe about seeing them actually “fly”.  Well done Disney.  Without a doubt, a supreme ending to a very magical day.

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