Wednesday, 2 October 2013


On our final day at Disneyland, we were picked to open up the park.  Basically every morning they pick a family waiting in line to open the park up.  You get to go in early and they introduce you and then you countdown til the gates open and then you go on your merry way.
We got “forever after” pins for opening it up
People waiting at the gate for the park to open
Matterhorn – it was closed the whole time we were there!!  So disappointing!
Tarzan’s Tree House.  Greg took the girls on this while I did Indiana Jones.  They quite enjoyed it.  
This ride was impossible!!  Finley wanted to drive but her legs were not long enough to reach the gas pedal so I had to do it.  By the time we got back my leg ached. Not a very enjoyable ride and the line for this was insane!!!!
Faster daddy, faster!!
Finley was freaked out at the thought of going through this.  This was storybook boats or something.  Kinda cool.
Waiting in line to meet some princesses
Our lunch time entertainment.  I can’t remember what this place was called but it was the worst meal of the entire trip.
Both parks had carousels that we rode again and again and again…
naptime for Penelope.  I noticed my shoe was right there and I couldn’t figure out why but then I remembered I had just gotten off Grizzly Rapids and I was soaked.  I was trying to dry my shoes off while Greg and Finley went on it.  Finley loved this ride so she went on it twice.  She loved splash mountain and went on that 3x!!!
The evening show at Disneyland was Fantasmic.  I am disappointed in myself that I didn’t have Greg’s camera out and only used my iphone.  It was incredible.  Just incredible. It kinda scared the girls but still just phenomenal.
The cast of Peter Pan putting on a show for us
There were 3 magical lit up floats that contained Sleeping Beauty and Prince Phillip, Beauty and the Beast and Snow White and her prince.  
Good vs. Evil
The cruise boat that lives in New Orleans
This boat contained pretty much every disney character currently in rotation at the park and then some.  It was a spectacular way to close out our third and final day at the park.  I wish I had a better photo but it is forever etched into our minds
Thank you Walt Disney for creating some of the most magical and enchanting things in the entire world.  The way you captivate the heart and imagination of kids of all ages is remarkable.

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