Tuesday, 24 November 2015

DIY Chalkboard Wall

Last year I made a giant chalkboard for the girls in our basement.  I had saw an article on A Beautiful Mess’s Website for homemade chalkboard paint and decided to use it – you can read about it here.  It basically served the purpose but my biggest complaint was that because of the type of paint I used, it had to be sprayed down to get the chalk off which caused the paint to run down the wall leaving black marks all along the bottom.  I searched pinterest again for options when making a chalkboard wall but in the end, I contacted my friend Sarah who I knew had a massive chalkboard wall in her basement.  Plus she’s seriously the most talented and creative person I know.  And if you don’t believe me, you will when you see what she is making for me for our family christmas present.  Anyways, she told me what she did and so I did just that. 
As you can tell it was in rough shape.  And I never got around to painting a border on it either.  The kids still loved but I did not.  It seriously needed a re-fresh.
I got out the tape measure and measured all around the board so I could fix it up and make the border properly and make the whole board itself even.  I didn’t do it very well last time (Greg claims I didn’t do it at all but I did kinda try.  But I definitely tried harder this time).
I applied 3 coats of pink paint to go over the existing chalkboard.  I still need to do touch ups with the grey paint to get rid of the extra black on the wall but I will do that in January when I get rid of all of the turquoise paint.  The whole basement will be the winter white paint in the new year.  There isn’t a lot of natural light in the basement, so lighter is definitely the way to go.
I wasn’t sure if I should use the Rust-Oleum chalkboard paint available at Home Depot + Walmart or if I should use the Benjamin Moore stuff (which was a lot pricier I believe and further away from me).  Sarah used this brand so that is what I decided to do too.
I used 3 coats and it turned out great.  I was so happy with it.  Please ignore the rest of the mess as we were in the middle of purging our house again and most of it was stored in the basement until it was sold, garbaged or donated.
The girls are quite happy with having their chalkboard back.  Although they were happy with what it was beforehand too.  I wish chalkboards stayed the nice black even when it was erased.  I hate chalkboard dust!!  I have lots of chalkboard paint left over so I can re–paint it every 6 months or whenever I feel like it!  Thanks Sarah for all of your help with this project!!

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