Wednesday, 4 November 2015

DIY Rubic's Cube

For Halloween this year, Finley decided to be a Rubic’s Cube.  It was a cool costume and she loved that her dad made it for her but I don’t think she really liked it.  Nobody really knew what she was and the only reason she picked it was because her cousin was one a few years ago.  It seemed like a really easy costume to make but it turned out to  be a lot of work. Greg spent hours fixing it right up until it was time to go trick or treating.
We started by finding a box that would work size wise for Finley.  Thankfully my friend had a few boxes I could pick from and I picked well!!!  We painted it black a few times on both sides.  Finley had fun doing this.
Greg then measured the box and then measured all of the paper and cut all the bristol board into the right size and then laid them out on the box and then glued them to the box.  He originally used glue sticks since all the stores near us were sold out of white glue (like for real.  Seriously how does this happen??)
On Friday, Greg noticed that the pink and red squares weren’t holding and so he had to use our hot glue gun to glue those back on.  Then on Saturday she got her costume on at a halloween birthday party and even more fell off so when we got home, he hot glued them all back on so there would be no mishaps while she was out trick or treating and there wasn’t.
Adults loved seeing her costume and she ended up getting more candy because of it.  A lot of kids didn’t know what she was.  Someone thought she was blocks and loved it.  She did not.  She asked what Madi was for halloween this year and so we told her and I bet next year that is what she wants to be too hahahaha
rubics cube front rubics cube side
And here is her finished costume!  I think it turned out really good!!  They only had neon yellow bristol board which is why we went for orange and she wanted pink on hers too so we did that as well for her.

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