Sunday, 29 August 2010

Due Date

Today would’ve been my due date had I gone full term so I thought I would just give everybody an update on how we were all doing.

Penelope is eating and growing like crazy! She still just basically sleeps, eats and poops…and poops she does, since she has been born, there have been only 2 diapers that didn’t contain poop. Yes 2. It’s crazy and the worst part is that her poor little bum is so raw, thankfully she has a check up tomorrow so I can show it to Dr. N. Also, her belly button fell off but is bleeding a little this morning. Not sure if this is normal as I don’t remember if Finley’s did that or not – again will check with the Dr tomorrow. She is sleeping really well – she is actually a better sleeper then Finley was which is quite astonishing. Finley took forever to finish her bottle and never wanted to burp. Penelope is fed, burped, changed and asleep in less then an hour. Finley was usually an hour at the minimum. Penelope is also going 4 hours between feedings just like Finley did.

Finley is doing really well with Penelope. She loves to help me hold her bottle and always ensures a hat and blanket are on her even if she already has both. It is quite cute. She is also wrapping up her baby just like we do with Penelope so that is really nice to see. Finley’s also regaining a lot of her independence which I am happy to see. She still whines a lot more and has crazy temper tantrums but really it’s mostly because of her insane temper. Which she unfortunately gets from me….so not looking forward to her teenage years….haha. She is also finally sitting on the potty which is just fabulous. No pee has been peed into it but at least we are getting somewhere. I don’t think she really understands poop and pee yet which is half our battle. I try to explain it to her when I change her diaper but so far nothing. 

I am doing pretty well. I am still a little sore sometimes but other than that I am feeling really good. Seeing how well I am doing with 2 goods compared to Finley makes me realize how much having pneumonia took out of me. I remember with Finley that I constantly needed to sleep and that there were days where I didn’t eat, get dressed or even wash my face. So far, none of this has happened and I have been functioning very well despite late nights and 2 night time feedings. I rarely nap during the day so I am very happy with this. Of course, I have had Greg’s help for the last week so tomorrow will actually be my true test. I have to get the kids in the car, drive to the dr.’s office and get the kids back in and drive home. I have not driven since the 17th so I am quite concerned of how I will be. I did put Penelope’s carseat in the car last night and was ok doing it. My biggest concern is getting both kids into my dr.’s office because I can’t carry the carseat that far and the office is far too small for her stroller so I think I might use my sling or warp to carry Penelope that way I have my hands free for holding Finley’s hand.

I will only be on my own for 3 days as my mom and sister will be here on Wed night. I am really looking forward to them being here and of course meeting Penelope!

Another bright note is that as I was getting ready for Penelope’s newborn photo shoot with Virginia at Sweet Ginger Photography (yes I plug her every chance I get because she is that fabulous!), I was able to fit into a pair of my regular jeans and t-shirt . Granted, they are low rise jeans so that makes a big difference and they are bluenotes jeans which means they fit a little big. I haven’t tried my beloved True Religion, William Rast or Rock & Republic or my skinny jeans yet because I know that would be just a disaster but I am happy none the less. It took me forever to find a top because my maternity tops look awful and big and my regular tops really emphasize the little pot belly I have going on….haha but I managed to find one that looked ok and hopefully it works for the photos! 

I hope everybody has a great Sunday, I know we will. After the photoshoot, I plan on vegging out with Greg and the girls and enjoying this rainy day Sunday. I love rainy day Sundays as they give you the excuse to do nothing but stay home! 

Anyways, gotta get going as Virginia will be here soon (even though as you read this she will have been done and gone home for hours…) 

Happy Sunday People!

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