Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Easter 2011

Easter weekend did not go well.  Well parts of it did.  But most of it sucked.  It all started on the Wednesday before Good Friday.  Finley wasn’t feeling well.  She wasn’t eating or playing – basically sleeping + drinking milk.  This continued onto Thursday but by Thursday night, we thought she was out of whatever funk she had been in for the last 2 days.  Turns out we were wrong.  So very wrong. 
Getting to Grandma Gail’s on Good Friday.  Uncle Brad showed Finley the slinky and both kids were loving it.  Finley especially loved making it go down the stairs.  Looks like another birthday present idea….
I think Finley thought this was like the tunnel she has in our basement.  She found out quickly that this was not the case as she got stuck going in.  This one is for the mean cats who inhabit Grandma Gail’s house.  I am not kidding, these cats like nobody.  Maybe they like Gail + Aaron but I have yet to witness any affection from the cats.
Finley playing with some toys that Grandma Gail had kept of Uncle Brad’s, Daddy’s + Uncle Aaron’s.  It was pretty cool to see the old school little people farm house.  the animals were so much cooler back then. 
Unfortunately, these were the only good photo’s I got from Good Friday at Gail’s place.  Shortly after arriving, I got hit instantly with the 2nd worst migraine of my entire life and I am not even close to exaggerating.  It basically ruined my entire weekend.  In fact, I did not eat another meal until last night.  Every meal I have eaten since then were bites.  It sucked big time.  It was so bad, I cried on the floor right beside the couch in the above photo where Brad was sitting.  I then went to sleep downstairs in the basement where I proceeded to vomit all over the floor because I couldn’t make it to the bathroom.  I literally woke up and vomited.  It was awful and poor Greg had to clean it up.  Hopefully there wasn’t any permanent damage to the carpet (Please let me know Gail).  I soon overdosed on drugs and was able to fall asleep at my sister’s house.  However, the headache + nausea stayed throughout the entire weekend!
On Saturday morning, we met for breakfast and were able to visit with Great Grandma Erna, Great Grandpa John (who loved the pink john deere bib that P was wearing…Thanks again Jyl), Great Aunty Kathy, Cousin Sascha who was in from Ottawa.  It was great seeing her as she is moving to  Hong Kong for 2 years in July.  Also there was Grandma Gail + Uncle Brad.  I was really happy that we got to see them as the following day’s events prevented us from attending the Diederich Family Easter at Aunty Kathy’s place.
We followed breakfast out with lunch at Bonanza on 8th Street.  My most favorite place in Saskatoon and where we eat every single time we visit.  We were able to see my old boss Byron but unfortunately Gary + Shannon were off this time.  I was mad that I was still sick as I was unable to enjoy the deliciousness of a chicken monterey sandwich and french fries dipped in catalina.  Greg make’s it here but it just isn’t the same as there.  Oh so good. 
This was Easter Dinner held on Saturday night at my Aunty Sandy’s.  Easter dinner also culminated with Jimmy’s birthday which was that night and Ashton’s which was next Saturday. 
Gluten free ice cream cake from Dairy Queen much to the dismay of my mom, Kristy, Greg and probably others.  It didn’t have the cookie crumbs like they normally do.  I don’t care because I hate ice cream cake.
Ashton’s birthday cake.  It had a Toy Story theme.  It was pretty tasty.
The Birthday Boys
Ashton playing with his vacuum cleaner.  He loves to clean.  
Finley on Easter morning.  She looks happy but she wasn’t.  She slept terribly which resulted in terrible sleeps for everybody else.
2 of their Easter Baskets.  They were spoiled ridiculously by our family.  You should see the stuff we brought home with us!
Finley somewhat participating in the Easter Egg hunt.  No chocolate eggs for these kids.  Their Easter eggs were full of hair ties, bracelets, bubbles, fruit snacks, silly bands, and stuff like that.  Although they did get a fair amount of chocolate – some of which we ate and some of which is being frozen for baking purposes.
Another Easter Egg hunt at Great Aunty Sandy’s.  Finley cheated and carried her basket around in a wagon while looking for Eggs with letters F + P on them.
Madison changing Penelope’s diaper with quite the audience.  She is taking her Babysitting course soon after she turns 11 in June.  Her mom decided she needed to practice changing diapers in case she needs to do this while babysitting and Penelope was good practice material.  I was impressed because the first diaper I changed was Easton’s and he’s the tall boy on the end with the blonde hair.  He was about a month old and he pooped.  I didn’t know what to do so I stuck him in the bathroom sink and sprayed him off.  He didn’t like it.  The worst part?  I was like 24 years old.
This is why we left a day early and missed Easter lunch at Aunty Kathy’s.  It turns out that Finley was not feeling better.  In fact, her not feeling well before we left was a precursor into the hacking cold she had.  It was awful and no sleep Saturday night made it a million times worse.  We couldn’t get her to nap for the life of us and she ended up having a severe breakdown.  We decided to leave Sunday afternoon instead of Monday like we originally planned.  And although I am disappointed to miss seeing family and going to the dinosaur museum in Drumheller, I am glad we did.  She slept all the way home, had a good night sleep and was much happier Monday morning.  Unfortunately, both her + Penelope still have colds but they are happier at home then being away.

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