Saturday, 12 July 2014

Elbow Valley Campground

Last weekend, Greg got off work early and decided that we should go camping.  The girls were so excited so I agreed.  We didn’t want to go too far as there was a good chance we wouldn’t get a site and since we had to come back on Saturday it didn’t make sense to drive too far.
So we headed down highway 22 and then onto highway 66 and after seeing signs at EVERY campground that all sites were booked – even walk in ones, we were getting worried.
But at the very last campground, we found a walk in site at Elbow Valley Campground.  It was cute and horse friendly if you ever find yourself camping with one haha.  This is where that pretty pink bridge is located
The girls LOVE to help which is great, since I do not.  Although I am sure you all know that by now. I do as little as i can get away with while we are camping.
This was Finley using her jump rope thing as a lasso which was fitting seeing as how it was opening weekend of the greatest outdoor show on earth!
And of course, there were marshmallows.
Lots and lots of marshmallows
Well that is not entirely true.  I only pack 16 marshmallows – 4 for each of us.  I only had one smore so they had 5 each.  I was too busy finishing The Fault In Our Stars to care about anything.  What an absolute heart wrencher.
Nice fire we had going
Penelope forgot her blankie at home which could have been a disaster because she isn’t too fond of sleeping bags or the sleeping quilts we got them instead.  But she did really well without it.  So proud of her.

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