Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Elf On The Shelf

On Sunday night, I started getting ready for our Elf on the Shelf to arrive.  This was the latest that he/she had ever arrived in our house but I wasn’t sure if Greg would remember to move the Elf while I was away so I waited until I was home.  I had seen on Pinterest several times over the years of people using the crepe paper stuff to cover the bedroom door so I decided I was going to that to welcome our Elf back to our house.

I got out the supplies and started cutting the paper the right length while Greg and I were watching the football game.
When I finished with the cutting and before I decorated the doors, I took the stuff back downstairs and got the Elf ready.  I was worried if I waited then I would forget to do it.
I went to check in on the girls and they were out cold….or so I thought.  As I was taping the red stuff to Finley’s door, I heard footsteps coming towards it.  I ran as fast as I could down the stairs and into the bonus room.  She was like what is going on with this and both Greg and I played dumb and told her to just go to bed. She said she heard meowing and thought it might be Luci using the tape.  She kept opening and closing the door.  She was just not happy about being taped in her room.  She crawled underneath when she went to the bathroom and back under again to get into her room.
Eventually she insisted that it had to come down so I told her she could take it down as long as she put the red stuff in her garbage can.  Meanwhile, I was going through my pinterest board trying to find another good idea for the morning.
She ended up taking her paper down to the recycling bin which I thought nothing of until she ran upstairs into the bonus room saying I would not believe what she just saw.  And then I remembered the Elf.  I was in full on panic mode thinking I had ruined everything for her.  Like sick to my stomach kind of feeling.  It was not good.  Turned out I had no reason to even worry about it because she was so excited it was ridiculous. She just could not believe that the Elf was responsible for this and was so happy it came back.  She said she could not tell if it was a girl or a boy and that she couldn’t wait for Penelope to wake up in the morning to tell her.  I was relieved that it worked out and that I didn’t need a new idea and most importantly, she still believed.  She was so excited about the Elf’s arrival that she woke up at 3:15 and saw that Penelope’s door was done too and proceeded to wake me up to tell me.  I did not fall back asleep sadly.  Perhaps I was excited too.
Finley was up again for good at around 630 (on a non school day too since it was a 4 day weekend i should add) and was desperately waiting for her sister to wake up.  I could here knocking and saying her name softly enough so she thought that I wouldn’t hear but loud enough that her sister would.
Penelope was surprised but took it much better then Finley.  Finley told her she had to come quick down stairs and so she crawled underneath the ribbon and down she went.  She was also thrilled to see that the Elf had come back.
We are a unique family in that we never ever have the same elf come to our house.  Well it is the exact same elf with maybe an outfit change or something but as far as the girls are concerned it is a new elf every year.  We tried to get them to get that it was the same elf but they just don’t buy it.  We have had a Mischief, Ella, Elsa + Gingerbread.  I really wanted Gingerbread to stay every year as I loved it.  Initially they wanted to call it Chippy after the original Elf on the Shelf book and cartoon but Greg said it was lame so they changed it to snowflake before settling on Peppermint.  However, they woke up this morning saying that the elf was going to have a different name every day but I squashed that quickly.  They weren’t happy with my decision but they didn’t fight it much either.
At the end of the day, I am just happy that Finley still believes.  She questioned the whole idea of Santa last year and this year she figured out that Harvey the Hound was just a person in a costume so I know it won’t take much to figure it all out and I really want her to believe for a few more years!

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