Friday, 4 May 2012

Exploring Alberta

This past Saturday after Soccer we took advantage of the nice weather and headed out to Elbow Falls.  We had never been here before and had amazing things about it from so many people.  We were left a little disappointed.  Perhaps we have been so spoiled living where we are and going to the national parks that we have but it was not what I expected.  This isn’t to say that it was terrible, but it was ok.  Still glad I came though.
Elbow Falls
Another view of Elbow Falls…
After this, we debated if we wanted to drive all the way to Banff to hike Johnson’s Canyon but decided against it and instead went to Bragg Creek
Here we are at Bragg Creek.  Penelope was happy to be able to walk
Finley refused to put her runners back and insisted on wearing her thongs
Penelope insisted on bringing her blanket, which got annoying fast.
Bragg Creek!!
What a great afternoon spent outdoors. We soon headed home to watch some hockey and eat some homemade pizza!!

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