Saturday, 9 May 2015

Eye Ball The Wall 2015

The first weekend in May, some girlfriends and I hit up South Glenmore Park for Eyeball The Wall which was either a 15K or 30K race.  We all chose to do the 15K although next year if I can get my IT Band under control then I would like to try the 30K.  Although I am certain I would finish last as a lot of people were using the 30K as a tune up for the Calgary Marathon later this month and a bunch had just ran Boston the week before.
It was crazy cold and windy before the race started.  We had hoped that it might warm up during the race.
The girls before we started our race.
Unfortunately it did not warm up at all during the race.  It was cold and gross and really cold when we were near the reservoir without trees to protect us.  
Post race snack.  Dinosuars and tortillas.  I have been craving red and green dinosaurs ever since.  With the exception of Costco, does anyone know where I can find them? The mac’s and 7-11 near us don’t have them in their candy section.  When did this happen.
The medal.  It’s pretty cool and will look great on my medal holder if I ever get around to hanging it up.  Finley thought that the cut out of the person was me haha.
The end.  It was Alex’s first 15K race and she did really good.  She’s running with me this year at the Seawheeze in Vancouver.  Despite being really really really cold, we all had smiles on our face.  It’s always nice to be proud of your accomplishments.

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