Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Family Day

On Family Day we headed to the little park a few blocks from our house to do some sliding and some sledding.  
Finley and Daddy heading over to the park.  There are parks closer to our house but this one is the nicest in all of Bridlewood plus the hill is pretty nice too!
Penelope slowing checking out the snow.  She hates most things winter but she surprisingly enjoyed herself outside.  Granted it was pretty warm outside.
This was Greg jumping on one of the bridges to knock all the snow off.  Finley doesn’t like to get wet if she doesn’t have to.  And since she refused to wear ski pants this is what needed to be done.
Penelope looking up at Daddy + Finley but she didn’t want to go on the jungle gym at all!
She made it across!
This was another bridge that swings when you walk (like the on in Little Red) Greg jumped on it to make sure it rocked a lot.  This did not bother Finley
Penelope still just a watching but from a different angle.
Time for some sliding.  Finley goes first!
And down they went!
Penelope watched with delight and soon it was her turn!
Greg trying to get Penelope to walk towards him
It worked!  This was Penelope’s FIRST time ever on the sled!
She really liked it!
Walking back up the hill  Finley was at the top screaming My TURN My TURN!!  We continued to go down a few more times each before heading home.

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