Monday, 21 June 2010

Father's Day 2010

Today marked Finley’s 2nd Daddy’s Day with her daddy and her last as an only child. The day started out great as Finley slept in until 830am and then we got busy getting Daddy’s breakfast ready. Anybody who knows me knows that I am not what you would call a gourmet cook so we depended on Safeway to provide us with the majority of our breakfast!
 Finley wearing her special Father’s Day T-Shirt…gotta love the awful bed head!
The breakfast we provided for Daddy. This was Finley going crazy with fruit salad. She is definitely a fruity girl!
 Greg getting ready for breakfast
After breakfast, we went outside and daddy expanded our garden to plant our zucchini’s and Finley played golf in the backyard. But soon it was time to get ready for the Rider/Stamps game. It was looking like it was going to be a very nice afternoon!

 Sitting happily on her daddy’s lap watching the Riders run onto the field
 Our family hearts Andy Fantuz! Our next cat will be named in his honor
Finley giving her best gangsta look. I love this photo. She was still sitting on her daddy’s lap. That is Frunkl Jack in the hat beside her
And She’s out! A busy morning and the warm afternoon sun caused Finley to fall asleep shortly after the second quarter started. She slept right through until the second half. Love that she has the ability to sleep anywhere, anytime….just like her daddy!
Reading the roster sheet for the Riders and Stamps. A bunch of new faces for her to remember! Really hoping that Durant does not get hurt this season…we could be in serious trouble…
Finley drinking a refreshing glass of milk. It was incredibly hot outside with the sun over top of us for most of the game. I definitely thought it was hot enough to melt your popsicle…so happy that the regular season Rider game is at 7pm – it will be very appreciated considering I will be like 35 weeks or something! Sadly, the Riders lost this game and we seem to have alot of work to do before the season starts!
We capped off Father’s Day with dinner at a brand new restaurant that just opened like last week that is attached to the Chinook Mall beside the theater called CHOP. The staff were very friendly, the appetizers were so good and the meals were amazingly good! It’s a huge restaurant complete with an elevator but the way they have it sectioned, you feel like you are in a small intimate restaurant. The decor is pretty cool too and they have some pretty phenomenal light fixtures that I would LOVE to have in my house! Finley and I brought clothes to change into for the restaurant but apparently Greg did not! It was a great meal to cap off a great day!

Happy Father’s Day not only to Greg but also to Finley’s Grandpa Don, Great Grandpa’s John & Emil and my most favorite uncles who were/are like Dad’s to me: Uncle Brian, Uncle Doug and Uncle Lloyd! We love you guys!

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