Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Final Trimester

The Final Trimester

28 Weeks with Baby #2…This tank top is a bit big on me so isn’t as fitted as the one below from Finley…but pretty similar in size I think…
  28 Weeks With Finley
  29 Weeks With Finley
So yesterday marked the first day of what could be my final third trimester ever. We both thought that without a doubt, there would be a baby #3 but after a week with Finley in San Francisco, we are second guessing that decision. Nothing permanent will be done to avoid #3 but it is gonna take awhile before I agree to a third one!
That being said, only 12 more weeks or 82 more days until my due date!! Although most likely baby will be born before said due date because of my impending csection (more about that in another post after I meet with by Obstetrician on Jun 16), I am still using August 29th as my end of countdown goal.
My pregnancy for the most part was perfect compared to Finley and thought it was going along wonderfully until about 4 days ago. At first I thought I was feeling crappy because I slipped on Monday night and arched my back and pulled my groin and because I was awake at 4am Tues &Wed for work – but it turns out I was wrong. Don’t get me wrong, this pregnancy is still way better then my first pregnancy. I level of exhaustion has gone from pretty tired to extremely tired. In fact, Friday night I slept 13 hours, Saturday night I slept 10 hours and Sunday another 9 hours. I obviously needed it! Today as I sit at my desk and type this, I feel much more refreshed then I have in a very long time. Whether or not I will feel this good come 4pm today, who knows.
Heartburn has returned worse then usual. I thought for sure it might be the death of me. I got it from absolutely everything I ate and was getting concerned that the baby would be born with an addiction to Rolaids. It got so bad that on Wednesday night, I said gluten free and had a bowl of cream of mushroom soup because it was milk based that I knew it wouldn’t hurt me and then I had a milkshake and it was the first peaceful evening I had in a long time. It was the first time in weeks that I didn’t have to wake up in the middle of the night and take rolaids so that I could sleep. At some points, it was so bad that it made me vomit. So not good. I really feel for those who suffer from heartburn all of the time. I really wouldn’t wish it on anybody. It is that bad.
My lower back has officially starting aching all the time. Also my pelvic bone and belly ache all the time. My body is obviously not happy about carrying all of this extra weight. My snoogle is starting to cause me more grief then relief at night so I am now using pillows between my legs to help ease the tension in my back and this has helped a lot. I have been having daily hot baths as that seems to ease my back pain if only temporarily.
My final complaint with this pregnancy is that my maternity capri’s that I wore with Finley, no longer fit me. I couldn’t figure out why this was considering I am about the same size at the same time and the weight gain is quite similar. Then Friday on my way home from work, it dawned on me. When I hit my final trimester with Finley it was the end of August, so we were approaching the fall and cooler weather so I didn’t wear my capri’s that much – most just maternity pants and a skirt here and there. This made me feel better but the fact still remains that I am running out of clothes and have no desire to buy new ones. That being said, the crappy weather we’ve had for the last few weeks has helped a great deal as it has been more like pants weather then anything else! Also, most of shoes don’t fit anymore because my feet are much more swollen then the first time round. I am not sure I have any shoes that I actually enjoy wearing because they all cut off the circulation of my feet. My goal this evening is to go through all of my summer shoes and find a pair that will do me some good for the next 82 days!
Despite all of my complaints above, this pregnancy is still leaps and bounds better then my first one and it is going by so much faster!!! I hated every single thing about my first pregnancy, so this is a pleasant change. Greg thinks that everything was so new the first time
round so we are unsure of so much but I am just not too sure. I still hate pregnancy and would prefer to achieve the end result without having to do it but what can you do? I am very blessed that I am able to get pregnant so easily and not have to rely on medical interventions to do so and I don’t people to think that I am not……but that doesn’t mean I have to like it!

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