Thursday, 3 September 2009

Finley 10 Months

I am a little behind as Finley actually turned 10 months on Saturday. I apologize for the delay but we both had colds and she has 2 new teeth coming in!!

Some highlights this month were mine & Finley’s firstever road trip without Daddy. We headed back to SK for a 6 day visit. We had great visits with my family, she went to the PA Fair for the first time, she visited her Great Great Aunty Ann, and got to play with her cousins Easton & Ashton. We took a different route back and detoured through Lloydminster where she played with her cousins Madison & Tanner. Madison then came back to Calgary for the week to stay with us.

Madi came to stay with us for a week and Finley loved loved it. She missed Madi so much when she left. Finley loved all the attention and the play time. We also took Finley to her visit to the Trico Center’s Wave Pool where she had a tonne of fun with Madi. We hoped this would her bath time problems but unfortunately it has not. We also went to the Calgary Tower which was the first time for both Madi & Finley. Madi requested that we take the CTrain because she had never been on it before. I tried to explain to her how long it takes me to get to work on the CTrain and I don’t think she quite understood that it was anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half. So I was like the distance from North Battleford to Lloyd. I am not convinced she believed me. (Side note: commute should be shorter when I go back due to change of building). Madi really enjoyed the CTrain Ride.

August also had Jimmy, Nancy & Tanner come for a visit to pick up Madi. We had a great time going to the zoo, going shopping and having a guitar hero & mario Kart evening. We missed them when they left.

We then headed out on our 10 day camping trip to Seattle, Olympic National Park – both in Washington and to Vancouver, BC. It was a great trip – especially now that we have a massive tent so we were all able to sleep comfortably. We all survived it and look forward to many more camping trips next summer!! Seattle has some wicked shopping!!!! I bought so many fabulous items……love love outlet shopping!!

Finley also got to attend her first MLB & NFL games while in Seattle. She seems to love them both, which is just great, not that I am surprised considering who her parents are! HEHE

We got back from Seattle and Aunty Kristy came to visit for a week which was great, since Finley hadn’t seen her in awhile. We did some shopping, playing, more shopping and enjoyed an early birthday cake for me!  

We ended the month with Finley catching her first cold and cutting 2 teeth. These 2 teeth have been more painful for Finley then her first 5 but she is doing really well!!! She also started to pull herself onto her knees….am excited for what comes next!!

Here are some photos that were taken on Saturday. As always, check out the picasa site for WAY more photos of her!

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