Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Finley Gets Baptized

Finley Taggart’s Baptism

On Sunday, June 14th, Finley was baptised at St. George’s Anglican Church in Prince Albert, SK. She was baptised at the same church as both my sister and I as well as my mom and her siblings. There have also been several weddings from our family held there at well. It really meant alot to my mom to have Finley’s baptism held there. At first I was disappointed that we went the untraditional route in terms of a baptism dress for Finley but considering it was 30 degrees by 10am, I think it was a good idea we went for the sundress. It was so hot it was crazy!! The baptism went over really well and she didn’t even cry when Father McClintock poured the holy water over her. Her Godparents are Greg’s brother, Brad & my sister Kristy.

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