Sunday, 30 October 2011


Since we had her birthday party a few weeks ago, today was actually a pretty quiet day for us.  She played with her sister most of the morning and we tried to teach her how to show her age with her fingers.  We struggled a little but she gets the idea and she knows she is 3 which is fantastic
Since it is the weekend which means a kitchen under construction we went to McDonalds for lunch.  Finley ate part of Greg’s hamburger, a few nuggets, french fries and some milk.  She enjoyed playing with the choo choo train and telling us about the purple, green and yellow triangles.  Everywhere is a learning opportunity! :)
Sesame Street cupcakes courtesy of Safeway.  The face’s are all rings which Finley absolutely loves.  
Finley smelling the cupcakes while waiting for daddy to get off of the phone with Grandpa Don. 
I love how lovingly Finley is looking at the cupcakes.  She wanted one so bad.
Wearing her Birthday Girl Badge.  She felt very proud with it on!
She opens presents before cupcakes which is ok with her because at least it is something.  We gave her most of her presents at her party but these are a few from us that we saved for her actual birthday.
A Princess Barbie!!
A bracelet making kit seeing how she loves wearing her bling
A necklace making kit!  We will be very busy!!
A present from Grandma Toot 
A Barbie Pool!!  She was quite enamoured by the Barbie Car that was shown on the box so I think Santa may bring that to her!  She was happy with the pool.
Finally getting her cupcake.  She chose to eat Big Bird.
Putting the ring on her finger…
Eating the icing
Eating more cupcake
She basically ate just the icing.  
Penelope got Abby Cadabby cupcake
She would’ve eaten the whole thing had I let her!
Playing with her barbies
More Barbies!
Doing one of her favourite puzzles with daddy
More playing with barbies
She just finished getting her  Halloween costume on for her bff’s Halloween Birthday Party when she decided our floor needed to be swept in the bonus room!
We then left for Cailey’s party.  Cailey is one of Finley’s bff’s and was born the day after Finley at the same hospital so I bet they were friends before we even knew it!!  We had a great time at the party and will post photos soon.  
She was so worn out that Finely was in bed shortly after 7pm tonight!  She had the most fantastic of days!
Still can’t believe my baby girl is 3 years old.  Oh how time flies.
Happy Birthday Finley.  We love you so much!!!  xoxoxoxox

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