Thursday, 30 April 2009

Finley is 6 months!!

Finley is 6 Months Old!

 Finley’s new grobag – she looks so big in it!
 Finley in her grobag – it’s organic!
 Greg let Finley feed herself Cereal tonight for the first time. What A mess!!
 Finley & Blueberries. She will like them if I get them to look & taste better
I can’t believe it. She is 6 months old TODAY! People always say time flies when they are little but you really don’t believe it until it happens to you. It was actually a year ago tomorrow that we went for our first ultrasound. It’s amazing to see how much everything has changed in such a short amount of time.
What I find the most astonishing is all of the changes in the last few weeks alone:
We started her on rice cereal, apples and carrots. Daddy even let her feed herself tonight…what a mess! I gave her blueberries this afternoon – I think she would’ve liked them had I not made them the way I did. I tasted them and they tasted as awful as they looked. But she smiled when she ate them. I ended up throwing them out though – I couldn’t make her eat something so awful! Tomorrow we are going to try zucchini!
She rolled from her stomach to her back twice on Saturday – although she had no idea what she did and hasn’t done it since. We were in Sherwood Park visiting my family when she did it. At first I didn’t believe she did it because I think Greg fibs about her development but my Aunty Debbie said she did and then I saw her do it. Really I think it was because she really doesn’t like tummy time anymore and she was tired of her daddy bugging her about it. I hope she does it again soon!
Her vocabulary has expanded and she is so loud & cute. She will lay under her mat and go momomomomombay over and over. She has no idea that I am her mama but one day soon I think she will…haha. She also screeches alot – sometimes it’s because she is happy, maybe because she is mad or bored or tired or just wants attention but it is always the same screech. I just love it!!
She loves to sit up and see the world before her. If she can’t see what’s going on, she gets really angry! When we were at Galaxy land, my sister said she was in complete awe over all of the sounds & lights. Greg & I were busy riding the rides to see this. 
She is able to reach for all kinds of toys – I no longer have to continually give them to her when she loses them. 
She (finally) outgrew her 0 – 3 month Grobag and is finally in her new one. She looks so massive in it! She moves herself around in her crib so I am always curious to see what I will find next in her crib. 
Finally, we have advanced to the toddler seat when using our stroller. She hates the confinement of her bucketseat. She will cry at all times when it unless she is sleeping or we are driving. She likes to move her arms alot. Soon we will be into her toddler carseat because she is just too heavy to carry! Maybe this weekend Greg will install it.
It has been a very exciting month in the Florizone household and there will be many more to come!

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