Saturday, 21 April 2012

Finley Speech Therapy Update

Today Greg and I headed to Finley’s preschool for our monthly centre visit.  We knew ahead of time that in today’s session Finley would be getting assessed to see if she would qualify for funding for the program in the fall.  We did all of the assessing with exception of speech sounds which Finley will do with her speech therapist next week. 
As I listened to Finley answer the same questions that she did only a few short months ago I could already tell she had improved drastically.  Both Greg and I were even surprised with some of the answers that she got right.  Prior to B scoring Finley’s answers, we discussed the possibility of what may happen for the fall.  Depending on her scores, Finley may not qualify for funding at all or be put in a modified program so to speak.  Greg and I thought that perhaps putting Finley in a community preschool 2x a week and then the other 3 days here at PK would work to her advantage. 
The results are as follows:
Receptive – Normal (was moderately delayed in January)
Expressive – Moderate (was mild)
Speech – To be determined (was severe in January) and I am not expecting this one to change much.
We are all quite surprised with how well she actually she scored on this test.  And surprised in a great way, I might add :)  However,  in order to qualify for PUF funding, you have to be severe in 2 categories which Finley is not.  She never was severe in 2 areas before but because she was delayed in all areas, the speech pathologist at the time determined that Finley would benefit from specialized schooling because  of her delays in all areas and her age. 
So now we have to wait for the speech part of the assessment to be done early next week.  B fully anticipates that she will still have some severe delays with her speech sounds.  She struggles immensely with S blends and some other sounds.  B said that she would try to make a case for at least partial funding because she figures her speech will be severe enough that without extra help it would inhibit her in various settings that could be detrimental for further development. 
So today when we got home I emailed three community preschools close to us to see what they had available for Tuesdays and Thursdays as well as what they had for junior kindergarten programs should she get no funding at all.  With this much improvement in these short few months and a chance of no funding for the upcoming school year, there is a VERY good chance that she won’t get any for her final year of preschool which would mean a junior kindergarten program at a local preschool. 
My thinking is that she does 2 days at a school around here and 3 days at PK which I think would be great for all of us.  As always though, I will keep  you posted as I learn more !! 
Thanks for all of your support and kind words of encouragement, they have truly meant a lot to all of us – especially me.  It has been difficult and I couldn’t have done it without you.

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