Thursday, 11 September 2014

Finley Starts Kindergarten

So finally Finley started school this week.  The Catholic school division certainly drags out the start of school compared to the public school system.  It’s kinda crazy.
Yes she is just starting Kindergarten.  Yes I know she will by at the end of October.  No I absolutely do not regret it.  Not for a single second.  I think starting her now as opposed to last fall was the absolute smartest decision that Greg and I made for her.  I think she would have been moderately successful but doing Junior Kindergarten at the Learning Experience instead just helped so very much with her confidence and her speech. 
Here is how it broke down: School started for pretty much everybody on September 2nd.  Finley had her interview on Friday September 5th at 830am.  Then she had school on Monday, September 8th with half of the class.  She had Tuesday off so the other half could attend and then yesterday on September 10th she finally had a full day of school with all of her classmates.  And now to boot, she has a PD day tomorrow!!  What a weird first 2 weeks of school we’ve had!!
Here is Finley walking to our interview on the Friday.  It was still nice out then….haha.  It’s a super quick walk but unfortunately we will only get to walk to school 2x a week since I have to drive Penelope right after on MWF.  We should get to walk home everyday though.
Finley outside the school sign. I am really glad we took all these photos on interview day since it was rainy on the Monday that she started.
Waiting to meet her teacher, who by the way, is super awesome.
After the interview was over, we went to see where she will line up every morning for school.  It is in a different location from where we pick her up.  
First day of school!
She was so excited to start kindergarten at the “big kid” school that even the rain and cold couldn’t dampen her spirits.  I love how much she loves school right now.  I hope it continues!
Going to line up
Time to go in!
I honestly didn’t think I would be so emotional about her starting Kindergarten.  She has been away from me 5 days a week since she was 3 because of her speech delays and having to go to a special school that I thought it would be just like every other year that I have dropped her off for the first time.  But it wasn’t.  I got really teary eyed and probably would have cried had my friend Michelle not saw me and came over to talk to me and distracted me from it all.  Thanks Michelle!!!  

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