Thursday, 29 October 2009

Dear Finley

Wow! Today my baby is a year old. I still can’t believe it! What an amazing year it has been – such a wonderful gift to watch her grow and evolve the last 12 months. Here are some photos of Finley – exactly 12 months ago right after she was born and then some of Finley this morning when she woke up. 
Finley was born at 8:52am, was 21 inches long & weighed in at 7lb, 6oz. As you can see, she didn’t look to happy to leave my nice warm womb…
  This was the first time I got to hold Finley. Look at my hair! It’s awful!!
 I can’t believe how big that sleeper looked on her. I didn’t even think she would ever fit it since it looked so small. She always was so expressive with her hands!
 This was taken this morning around 640am. She hates being woken up. If she wakes up on her own, she is very happy, but if you wake her up, look out!!
 We were singing Happy Birthday to her, but she realy didn’t care…as you can certainly tell…

  Finally, she woke up a little, and was at least a little happy!
 This was Finley on her way to daycare this morning. Still not impressed!!
Happy Birthday Finley!! We love you so very much! 
Love Mama, Daddy, Quincy, Luci & Iggy

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