Friday, 29 October 2010


A friend once told me about something she had regarding each birthday her child celebrated.  She told me that every year on her birthday, she would go into their rooms + take a photo of them as they were waking up.  I thought that was a really cool way of doing something ‘memorable’ on their birthday…
So that being said…..
Today marks the 2nd birthday of my first baby girl.  It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating your 1st Birthday but here we are a year later!  
This was Finley this morning waking up on her 2nd birthday at around 730am.  She is now in a big girl bed + gets up on her own.  She wakes up anywhere from 7 – 9am.  She is also pretty happy in the morning regardless if we woke her up or she got up on her own!
This photo was taken on October 29th, 2009.  It was at approximately 630am as we had to get ready for work and daycare!  She used to hate waking up in the morning unless it was on her own.  You can tell she does not look impressed.
This was taken at around 8:52am on October 29th, 2008 at Rocky View Hospital.  If you click on the 1st birthday link, it will give you a bit more insight to this happy occasion. 

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