Monday, 29 October 2012

Dear Finley,

Dear Finley,
Today you turn 4 years old.  I still cannot believe you are 4!!!  It seems just like yesterday that you were born and placed into our arms.  I never believed in love at first sight until I met you.
You are a spunky, fierce, loveable, bossy, affectionate, stubborn and independent little girl.  You are truly one of a kind! You love to learn and constantly amaze us with the things you learn and say each day.  You are a perfect combination of both myself and your daddy.  I still don’t know for sure who you look like.  Sometimes I see myself and sometimes I see your daddy.  Regardless, you are still as cute as can be!!
Your little sister is both your best friend and worst nightmare.  Don’t worry – I completely understand!!! I also have a little sister and understand how great and awful they can be – sometimes even at the same time.  As you both get older, you play much better together and you are both good at sharing.  Although I would have to admit that she is far better sharer then you!!  You love to pretend “camp and hike” with her, play dolls with her, read her stories, have bath time with her, play outside with her and do crafts with her.  You don’t like it when she steals your oatmeal or any other food despite you declaring that you are done with it, or when she takes your stuff or when she wakes you up (you hate being woken up period – just like your daddy) or goes into your room or touches anything you don’t want to share at the moment.  She misses you madly when you are at school and you both run to give each other hugs when you see each other when you are done. 
You love all things related to princesses – especially Rapunzel from the movie Tangled. You have now see a total of 3 princess movies – Tangled, Cinderella and Beauty and The Beast but can name and recognize every single Disney princess ever recorded.  You get upset when your Rapunzel towel is dirty and you can’s use it after your bath. Your bedroom is now flanked with Rapunzel bedding and pillows as well as a Pinkalicious poster on your wall.  You even got to meet Cinderella and The Little Mermaid this year.  Next year, hopefully you will meet Rapunzel.  You love your Pinkalicious books and I must admit, they are my favorite books to read.  I mean, who doesn’t love the colour pink?  As they say, it is Pinkeriffic :)!  You still love Minnie Mouse and occasionally enjoy watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on TV.  You  love DuckTales (the old school ones shown on Shaw VOD), Care Bears and My Little Pony.  It’s so weird to see you enjoy things that both your daddy and I did as children.
You love to do all kinds of crafts and colour and even paint.  You still resist using your fingers to finger paint but you got some super awesome fingerpaints for your birthday that you loved and used your fingers with.  Although you did ask a few times for a paint brush but the more I refused, the more you used your fingers!!  I always laugh when I picked you up at school and the other kids hands are dyed and covered in paint and you are as clean as can be!!!
Your favorite colours are pink and purple and prefer to use only pink plates, bowls and utensils.  You alternate between pink and purple nalgene bottles. You love all clothes that are pink, purple or have some kind of princess theme on them. It is hard to get you into anything else.  You love to wear skirts, tutus and pretty dresses.  You will not wear any pajamas unless they have a princess or a crown on them no matter what the colour is and you prefer nightgowns to 2 piece pajamas.  You love to have your hair in pigtails, Jessies (braids) and buns for dance.  You love hairclips and headbands – the frillier and bigger they are the better!!  And you still have not cut hair (or perhaps I haven’t, but I love it the way it is)
You love to play soccer and enjoy your dance class.  You practice your bad toes, Princess toes every day and try to teach your sister.  You have zero co-ordination but you come by it honestly.  But you love going to dance class each week and that is truly what is most important!!  You love to ride your scooter and try to ride bike without much success but you never give up.  You love going down slides, jumping on the trampoline, playing in the swimming pool, building sandcastles and snowmen.  You are truly a free spirit and I love that so much about you.  You love to sing and dance at home and your absolute favorite is still Taylor Swift.  You cannot get enough of her.  A close second would be Gangham Style by PSY and anything by One Direction for the simple reason being that one of her favorite cousins is OBSESSED with them.  Everytime she hear’s them, she says with pure joy and excitement that it’s “Madi’s boyfriend”! This terrifies your daddy.
Your favorite foods are peanut butter, pizza, rice, bananas, apples and peppers of any colour.  On any given day you like and hate both cauliflower and  broccoli.  Most other vegetables and fruits you like except for celery.  You have never ever liked celery.  You love to eat ice cream and cupcakes and fruitsnacks.  You drink milk and water and sometimes you get a grape slurpee filled half full.  You pick grape simply because it is purple. You still don’t like potatoes or perogies and every once in a blue moon you will eat sushi.  usually when we go to our sushi restaurant, you order a big side of rice.  You crack me up.  You do love Vietnamese which makes us very happy!!
You are now officially potty trained at night and that makes me so happy.  You occasionally have an accident over night but that’s mostly because you like to sneak water in the bathroom when you claim to go pee.
You still are a big animal lover with your favorite being a camel.  I have  no idea how this came to be. It was like overnight you just decided to love camels the most and it stuck.  It is your favorite animal to look at the zoo.  You love trains and you claim that your favorite are the CN trains because they have the most cars.  And maybe also because Great Uncle Lloyd works there??
You are going to 2 preschools right now.  On Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s you go to Pacekids.  This is the school where they help you with your speech sounds.  You have been going there since January and the improvement you have shown is astounding.  In fact, you improved so much since starting there that you almost didn’t get funding for the school year!!  Your speech pathologist (whom we love more than you could imagine) says by the end of the current school year, you won’t even know that you have even had a speech delay in the first place!)  On Tuesdays and Thursdays you attend the Learning Experience which you love, love, love.  Being in a classroom full of regular 4 year olds has helped you so much!!!  You love going to school to see your friends and for all the great things that you learn.  I love listening to you talk about your day – it makes me so very happy!!!
As you can see Finley, you are true joy to be around and I don’t think that your daddy, Penelope or myself could possibly love you anymore then we already do.  But I know you will challenge that on a daily basis.  You have so much love for your friends and family that it warms my heart and makes me realize that we are doing a really good job at being your parents and raising an amazing little girl. 
Enjoy your day my sweet little peanut and we look forward to watching you grow even more in year 5.
Lots of love

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