Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Finley Update

Finley’s Latest Milestones

Finley has grown so much in recent weeks, it has been so exciting to watch! It’s been an interesting ride seeing her transform from a baby to a vibrant toddler!
She is talking SO much more! Not all of it is actual words – at least not to us anyways. The funny thing is that when she speaks to you in gibberish and you ask her to repeat because you don’t understand, she repeats the exact same gibberish so it obviously means something to her. Her favorite phrase of late is “Oh No” and I love how she is able to use it in the right context. When we were in San Francisco, we had come back from a long day of sight seeing and were going to relax in the hotel before going for supper. I had fallen asleep because I was just catching my cold and had a headache. I woke up about 30 minutes later and asked Greg where Finley was. I looked over our bed and she had sat herself down between our bed and one of our suitcases, laid her head on the side of the mattress and had fallen asleep. When we went to move her, she woke up and we noticed she had a empty apple sauce container in her hands that she had gotten from the diaper bag. She looked at the applesauce, held it out to Greg and said “oh no” in the cutest of voices. It was absolutely priceless.
She also has learned how to say “yes” although it’s not something we often here. She much prefers the word “no” instead. She said “car” the other night because she wanted to go outside and ride her pink coupe. Those are all the recent ones on top of all the others she has been saying for awhile.
I taught her how to give kisses and it is the most sweetest thing. Although, once you ask for a kiss, she’ll give you 30 but you love it just the same. It took her awhile to give daddy kisses but she finally gave him one Monday night. Hugs are pretty easy to get from her as well. Of course, both hugs and kisses have to be on her terms and she won’t do anything unless she wants too!
She has become increasingly independent of late which means no high chairs or strollers and only carts if she can stand in the cart part and not the kid seat. This is fine when Greg or somebody is with me but if it’s just me, the no stroller or cart part can be quite difficult. I am quite worried that I am going to become a hermit once baby #2 comes along! She lets it be known – very loud and clear – when she does not want to be confined. The good part about this, is that we won’t be eating out very often so we will be saving money and eating better! haha
She absolutely loves playing outside. Whether it’s swinging on her swing or going down the slide, driving her car (backwards of course, that’s all she knows how to do), playing with her water table, “helping” me mow the lawn with her bubble making lawn mower or kicking her ball around with her daddy – it all makes her happy! She kicks and screams when we bring her in because she would rather be outside. She also loves rides in her wagon which is surprising considering her hatred for confinement. This weekend, I think I will bring out her golf clubs and bowling sets if the weather co-operates. I think she will quite enjoy the new outdoor toys!
We started swimming lessons last week. Greg is doing them with her and he seems to be quite enjoying it – her not so much. She’s a strange kid when it comes to water. She sometimes loves her bath but mostly hates it, she loves playing with her water table and dumping water on herself, she loves the pool at the trico center but hates the pool at the canyon meadows aquatic center, which is where her lessons are. We saw some progress on Thursday but not much. Thank god, they are only 30 minutes long! Her classes are twice a week and go until June 17th. I didn’t go last night as I was too tired but Greg said she didn’t cry at all and even jumped off the side of the pool! So progress is definitely being made. Can’t wait to see tomorrow!

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