Monday, 22 October 2012

Party Time

Finley turns 4 on October 29 so we decided to have her party on October 21 so that it was more for her and not an accidental halloween party. Although since she is going as Rapunzel for halloween, it totally would have worked :)
In case you hadn’t noticed, the theme for her party this year was Tangled.  Finley loves all things Tangled so it worked out perfectly
A poster I bought on ebay for the playroom in the basement but it worked well as extra decor upstairs for her party
I saw this idea a few times on Pinterest and other mom blogs who had done Tangled parties.  I bought a yellow plastic rectangle table cloth from the dollar store.  I then cut it into thirds and tied all three together at the top.  I braided the hair while Greg held the top.  It turned out pretty good.  Finley was really made that I wouldn’t let her climb it.
Here was a craft station where the kids would decorate crowns with stickers and letters.  Beside it was a princess photo thing that we never did use.  It wasn’t as cool as I had anticipated!
Plates for cake
Our expedit full of all things Rapunzel
Rapunzel napkinds
Bigger plates
The trim of the table cloth.
All of the plates, cups, napkins and table cloth were purchased for dirt cheap at the Target in  Bellevue.  Finley LOVED them!
A table for friendship bracelets/necklaces.  I found this idea on Pinterest or some blog, I don’t really remember.  The beads are all in frying pans because Rapunzel uses the frying pan to knock out Flynn Ryder when he accidentally lands in her tower.  This was a great idea in theory but caused a lot of grief for both kids and parents alike.  We still are finding beads everywhere!!
Our mantel.  The birthday sign was purchased on a buy n sell site I belong to on facebook.  The top of the mantel are more Rapunzel dolls and homemade lanterns.  Those didn’t work as well because my electric tealights sucked and it wasn’t dark enough for them to really glow.
Greg came up with an idea of playing pin the hair on the rapunzel.  We struggled to find something to use but Greg found this poster at Walmart for $5.  I cut yellow yarn and braided it for the kids to use.  It took nearly 2 hours to braid 13 pieces of hair.  
Setting up the table before the party guests arrive
Rapunzel Cake from Out of Chaos.  It turned out awesome and was so delicious.  She also did the Pascal chocolate suckers shown below:
Finley practicing for Pin The Hair on Rapunzel.  Given her accuracy in getting it right, she clearly didn’t keep her eyes closed!
Our first guest arrived and she loved the kitties! Quincy hung around for the party, Luci was nowhere to be found
Bead time
The kids loved pin the hair game!!!!

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