Thursday, 15 November 2012


It is tradition for the birthday girl to have her photos taken as she wakes up in the morning.  
Seriously, is she 15 already??  She is not fond of getting up in the morning, she never has been.
After a breakfast of pink pancakes (her request), we headed over to her friends’ house for a birthday playdate!
They did some painting
Note Finley is now wearing a different shirt.  She got paint all over the one she was wearing and M was kind enough to lend us one of S’s shirts to wear for the morning and later on to preschool.
Cupcakes and fruit!  It was Caylee’s birthday the following day 
Yay H woke up.  Penelope was definitely intrigued with her.  Sorry P, you will forever be the youngest in our family 
All the little buddies.  It was the best pic I had of the 5.  At least Penelope looks happy!
Fast asleep on the way home from school.  She was tuckered out from such an exciting day and it wasn’t even over yet.
Wanting to open her presents
Another Rapunzel doll. She wanted this so badly so she was very happy to get her.
A new Rapunzel costume for both Finley and Kitty!
A Rapunzel picnic.  This doesn’t even cover half of her Rapunzel doll collection.  It’s a little insane!
With Kitty getting a new princess dress, her carebear was lucky enough to get the old princess shirt that the cat used to wear.
Pizza for supper – Finley’s request
Doing her new Rapunzel puzzle with Daddy’s help
She decided she wanted to have ice cream at marble slab in a fancy cone instead of more cake or cupcakes.  She chose half chocolate half bubble gum ice cream mixed together with gummy bears mixed in.  It tasted as awful as it sounds but she loved it and that was all that mattered.
Penelope eating her strawberry ice cream with sprinkles
All in all, Finley had a great birthday.  Still can’t believe she is 4!!!!!

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